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04 July, 2020

A Full Circle Farewell To Poor Little Rich Girl

Hello lovelies!!

I know, I know, it's certainly been awhile to say the least.  I hope you and your loved ones are all doing well--healthy, safe, smart & adapting as best you can during this scary, difficult, and strange time that is the pandemic of COVID19.

I've come to the decision that after 10 wonderful years of sharing my thoughts, feelings, experiences, musings, recommendations and opinions on the various aspects of my life--fashion, food, travel, politics and everything in between, to say goodbye to Poor Little Rich Girl.

I am, to this day, so beautifully overwhelmed by the unexpected interest and support received from you all in what originally started off as a more convenient way to keep my family and friends around the world in the loop, following my move to Denmark to attend boarding school in Nyborg.  Thank you so much for checking in time and time again even with prolonged absences and ever-changing content.  You guys are incredible!! Thank you so much for being a part of this journey--it's been a blast!

I've struggled for quite some time with the ability to keep consistent, up-to-date posts flowing on here and while I can say that I've truly loved having this space to share and to be able to look back upon and reminisce, laugh and cry over the experiences through this decade of transformative growth, I just don't think I have the same desire, time, or space in the direction my life is going to be able to truly commit to quality content.

For those who don't know, I am in Denmark with Lina and have been staying out here on our beloved Fyn with our Mama since late March where we felt it was the best decision for ourselves and our family, to relocate from DC and Boston to Denmark, to brace for the impact that is COVID'19.  A lot has happened these past few months including my second, heartbreaking rejection from the New York Bar Exam, went through the emotionally exhausting process of indeed deciding to sit it a third time only to find myself unable to do so because BOLE's decision to restrict the exam (moved from July to September) takers to first-time students from 15 universities in New York alone,  Lina finishing up her time at GW, graduating with a BA in Environmental Studies & Biological Anthropology, we adopted a sweet little black kitty called Moon, I made the decision to move back to Denmark, leaving The States behind and once again, having to relinquish my long-standing dream/plan to move to New York City (for now), I started up doing some Pro Bono work for Medical Legal Partnership Boston and the Grassroots Law Project and finally, most recently, I  have secured my first paid legal position at a Danish-American boutique firm in Copenhagen as their legal assistant with the possibility of a full-time position in the near future.

It has been a wild ride that I have so enjoyed and am so thankful that I made the decision to start up this blog back in 2010 and make it public.  Practically speaking, for the time being, I will still have this website up and running, as well as the FB page but may at some point take them down.  Otherwise, I will be sharing the crazy bits & pieces of my life solely via my Instagram profile, xxemkirstinexx.  Hope to "see" you there ;)

Who's to say what the future holds?! Perhaps my priorities will shift and I'll be back on here soon again but until such a hypothetical time, much as I still feel as though there are a million things I want to say but I think the most important are thank you, stay safe, smart, and healthy, please take care of one another, our magnificent planet, and be kind--to yourself, to those around you, to those you might not know or understand.

Lots of love and many thank you's and well wishes,

Nyborg, 2013 
The day I got my IB hat on!

Vester Skerninge, 2020
This year's Sankt Hans, prancing around the garden living my best Danish life (funnily/full-circle worthy enough in my IB graduation dress!)

Vester Skerninge, 2020
Mama, Lina, baby Moon & I on Sankt Hans <3

Copenhagen, 2020
A collage of photos taken on the day I signed by contract at Thomas Martin!


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