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14 April, 2020

New Year's Eve: 2019/2020

Another morning in Paradise!

The fam loaded into the car for a trip to Smith's Cove where we wandered around on the rocks, had a look in the tide pools and for me at least, explored the underwater scene around the coves.  Tummies grumbling, we enjoyed a cosy lunch out to the sea and topped it off with some gelato from Louie's all-time favourite spot in Camana Bay.

Once we got home, cooking took the centre stage with my preparing the creme brûlées (which, unfortunately went to hell and that'll be the last I speak of it because man, did it upset me like it only could an Ahlgreen) and Helene diving into our New Year's Eve dinner prep.

Grilled Brazilian beef (red snapper for Lina) creme potatoes and vegetables were enjoyed out on the patio and shortly thereafter, all glittered-up, Jason took us to the cab stop and our New Year's Eve celebrations continued down at Calico Jack's on the beach.  We wadded around in the water with our drinks in hand, prepared to jump in (and likely bite the dust) should one of the dozens of fireworks being set off way too close to humans come our way--a fact that was creating mass amounts of anxiety on my behalf.  A few more glasses of bubbly and the anxiety and fear of grave injury or death (yay) faded away along with the fireworks that'd been too close for comfort before and were now, thankfully, a greater distance away.

The sky was filled with different colours and flashes of light, music pumping through the crowd of boozed-up beach-goers as we danced around in the water, eagerly anticipating the coming of the new year. We'd decided that fireworks posing a danger or not, we were going to go swimming at the stroke of midnight and so, fully clothed we charged!! It really was something special being able to swim out in the ocean and look at the fireworks overhead with my best girl by my side, care free.  What a way to ring in the new year!!  Here's to 2020!! May it bring you health, happiness, experiences, lessons and lots and lots of love.



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