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26 April, 2020


I'd say that out of all of us, Mango had the best start to 2020, hands down!! The first of January meant that he was finally well-recovered enough from his recent castration and had all of his vaccines, permitting him to finally, at long last, venture outside.  We'd had him outside, in our arms for the most part, just to get him used to his surroundings and to make sure that he knew to stay close by and that when he wanted to come in for food and safety, he could.

It'd been some pretty hectic weeks with this little fur ball because very quickly after realising there was a whole world outside, he made very attempt to get out there and explore it!! The system of getting in and out of the front door gravitated from popping our heads in to see how far away he was from the door to an awful lot of kitty catching as his eagerness tripled.  Bless him...Safe to say the lot of us are happy that the newest member of the family can finally join us in the great outdoors!

On the opposite end of the spectrum was Lina who woke up disliking anything involving, light, sound or movement.  Ahh, her first of many New Year's Day hangovers.  Louie learned a very valuable life lesson that morning as Lina flung herself from the couch to the cold tile, begging for pasta and water, genuinely distraught when she was reminded that we had a BBQ party to attend later on in the day at Ben and Charlotte's...don't drink too much of the grown-up juice!!

I was genuinely impressed as to how good this child made a hangover look and even more so when she took the group's collective advice as to healing herself with a little "hair of the dog".  As the finishing touches to our feast were sorted by our lovely hosts, the rest of us joined the kids out on the street for what ended up being a lot more of a workout than anticipated, chasing after them as they raced up and down in/on Hugo's array of scooters, bikes and the like.

Man, these people know how to do a barbecue!! Ben had lovingly tended to the ribs for a total of 7 hours and just to make sure we didn't starve, they were accompanied with sausages, corn, rice and beans, four giant, delectable salads that Charlotte and Helene prepared, and a quinoa dish.  Could I have fit any on my plate? No. Did I find a way to nonetheless? Absolutely. The night finished off with G&T's all around, sparklers, and a visit to a house here that goes all out and I mean ALL OUT with their Christmas lights decor.



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