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22 March, 2020

You're So Golden

Good afternoon everyone!

Any beautiful place on this planet has some magic in it, I know that...but there is something special about Cayman.  I don't know if it's the fact that it's been home to Helene, Jason and Louie for so long now or the fact that, as rarely as I've been able to come, that it feels like home somehow to me as well...or just the sheer beauty of it...but I guess that beauty only becomes amplified because of those facts and feelings.

I'd like to kick this post off by these drop-dead gorgeous shots of Lina on our way out the door for our sunset sailing trip with our Auntie Helene because, wow, W O W!! The light, the colours, her FACCEEEEEE, ughhhh honey!!

The rest of our evening was equally as gorgeous.  Every time I think, it cannot get any better than this, Cayman just shows up and leaves me in a continued state of blessed shock and awe. This trip has been more than I even knew I could have wanted or needed and I am so, so grateful.  Being in a beautiful place with the people I love--all of us in good health, living our lives, what more could you possibly ask for? This is what it's all about.



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