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17 March, 2020

Tempting Tuesday: Pt. 110

Hello all!

We're back!! I've made a few more Tempting Tuesday posts but have been considering stopping them--thoughts? Comment below as to whether you like them or wouldn't mind if they were to be discontinued on here.  In addition to these, any feedback in relation to Em's Sale Selections posts as well would be great to receive!

I love putting together the outfits of the week and obsessing over piece after piece of the same item but I'm just about to say that the "random" posts are my favourite to do just because I feel as though it truly encompasses the feeling of spontaneity and lust that I wanted to communicate with Tempting Tuesdays.  Which of the three types of posts is your favourite?

This week, might I present to you a pair of modern-day princess heels that would look as incredible with a pair of jeans as they would an evening gown, a seductive nude/black ruched minidress, some pointed Fendi cowboy boots, an exotic snake-like sequin frock that would hit it out of the park at any of the many holiday parties on the horizon, and finally, a semi-sheer striped bodysuit from the designer I seem to be returning to week, after week.



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