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29 March, 2020

Island Nuggets

My morning was spent sipping coffee out on the porch, watching Stick Man and playing with my favourite little dude's new toys, and making konfekt with Helene.  The afternoon filled with studying out in the sun, swimming in the pool, and down at the beach running, exploring, swimming, playing games with the fam and paddle boarding where I saw my first shark!! I wasn't sure at first, though I had a pretty good feeling that was later confirmed by another two paddle boarders who'd also spotted a reef shark in addition to a stray ray that I caught up with later on as well!! How amazing...

Lina and I went for a sunset-soaked walk and enjoyed a round of sisterly cocktails to kick off our night out on the town where we met no less than three lovely new humans we can now call island friends.

How is this my life right now?



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