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11 March, 2020

Boxing Day Blues

Hello hello!

I have to admit, neither Lina nor myself actually believed that our Boxing Day was indeed going to involve a boating trip but man, did we eat our words! Morning came and after a few much needed cups of coffee out on the porch, we hopped into our swimmers, backed our bags, and filled the coolers to the brim with sandwiches, fresh fruit and veg, snacks, bubbly and beer, and made our way back to Dan & Katie's to meet up with the rest of the crew for a lovely day out at sea.

rBen and Dan graciously volunteered their boats and took us all around the island.  We stopped to go snorkelling out at the stunning reef and in addition to the breath-taking colours of the reef and all of the fishies that call it home, we were lucky enough to see an Eagle Ray gliding on through!! Ben brought up a small lobster he'd caught to show us all and a few minutes later, we spotted another Ray off the stern of our boat.  The wildlife out here is just so wild...incredible to be able to be out in their natural habitat, swimming alongside all of these magnificent creatures.  Any time I get a chance to be in the sea, I am at my happiest, full of wonder and simultaneous calm.

After lunch, we moved onwards to a beach up near Rum Point where we spent the afternoon sipping wine, getting to know the newest members of the group, watching the kids kicking the football out in the sand and partaking in some hilariously competitive volleyball matches until the sun began to set and we set sail homewards.  A massive thank you to Ben for opening your boat to us and for keeping us safe out on the sea and to everyone who made this the beautiful day that it was!



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