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09 March, 2020

A Cayman Christmas: 2019, Pt. 2

The entire house was up bright and early on the 25th. so not to torture the very patient little dude any further.  It would appear as though all of us had been on our best behaviour this year but Lou hit the jackpot with no less than two robots, a bow and arrow set, matching cards games, books galore, clothes, a drone, dinosaur toys...."Father Christmas" may have gone a little overboard this year and he was so confused.  "I only asked for one robot, why did he give me two?" Bless!!

Rather than Helene spending the entire day slaving away in the kitchen, she'd made the decision to leave the cooking up to someone else so after present mayhem the lot of us dolled ourselves up and got glitzy for the Ritzy--a tradition they and their closest friends have set into play over the years.  As if we weren't spoilt enough already on this trip.  I don't think I will ever be wished Merry Christmas so many times by so many different people in such a short time frame.  The staff were incredible and the buffet basically made my eyes pop out.  The food was incredible and the company just as much so!! It's kind of funny that Helene and Jason are quite literally the only ones out of their friend group who aren't attorneys and although they're all working in areas I don't ever think I'll be in, it's still very cool for me to be able to pick their brains and take in whatever advice they may have.  Between the free-flowing Champagne and the array of entertainment options, I don't know who had more fun--the adults or the kiddos!!

Once we all reached a point of almost being physically unable to move we headed to our second stop of the day: Dan & Katie's.  The rest of our day was made up of conversations filled with laughter, dips in the pool, cuddles with sweet Bear, some intense trampolining, Dan's infamous Mudslides, G&T's, bubbly, cigars and a cheese spread a Dane would cry over.  The clock ticked well past the kid's bedtime and once pans for a day out on the water the next day were set in place, we made our way to the comfort of our beds, collapsing into a pile of the tipsy remnants of Christmas cheer feeling very grateful.

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season amongst friends and family, creating beautiful memories to last a lifetime and for those of you yet to celebrate, wishing you all of the same!

Big love,


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