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04 March, 2020

A Cayman Christmas: 2019, Pt. 1

Good morning and Merry Christmas all!!

Hahahahahah the fact that this is being said in the first week in  One good thing about the Bar exam is that you get to use it as an excuse for damn near everything and this will not be an exception!

Our Danish Christmas began with a festive beach trip followed up with a Skype session with Mama and before we knew it, Louie was tucked into bed and awaiting Father Christmas, the girls were all glammed up, Jason was breaking out the Schnapps and Lina was breaking open our ducks!

Danish Christmas dinner is one of those feasts you look forward to all year long and it's always a challenge for Helene to throw it all together with the difficulty of getting so many of the ingredients here but she did a great job, as always and I suddenly found myself struggling to breathe in my pretty red crochet dress and did a quick change into something a bit more...flow-y.  We opened up a couple of presents, leaving the rest for the English Christmas where Louie would be a part of the experience as well and, feeling the overwhelming need to feel weightless, finished off the evening with a dip in the pool.

Big love to you all!


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