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06 February, 2020

Pure Magic

Our holiday started off in the bitter cold (never have I felt so foolish as I did standing there in negative degree weather in sandals and a giant puffer coat) and with some issues in relation to bookings, followed by a delay, but thankfully it all worked out and before we knew it, we were disembarking and walking straight into to the warm welcoming arms of Grand Cayman and a very excited Louie and Helene patiently waiting for us.  In true Cayman style, we hopped straight into our swimmers and made our way to the beach after being shown our lovely room (we were taking over Lou's for the trip) and introduced ourselves to the newest member of the family--little fluffy, orange Mango.

There's truly nothing like the feeling of having your toes in the sand, the smell of the sea in your lungs, your eyes trying to capture each different shade of blue of the ocean as the sun's rays kiss your skin.  Pure magic.

It may look like all I did on the beach was have photos taken of me but how often is it that you're at the beach with a full face of makeup? I had to take advantage of this fact and, in my defence, all the shots took up maybe a full 5 minutes of our time there...borderline embarrassed as I am to have this many shots haha

Louie was over-the-moon about having his cousins in town and immediately shot out to the sea to show us all his new tricks.  Man, this kid's got energy!! I will sound biased because he is my cousin but honest to God, and I felt even more strongly about this when we departed, he is genuinely just one of the best kids.  He is so sweet, thoughtful, filled with personality, gentle, smart, loving, funny and that crazy amount of energy is infectious!  I'm so happy that we got to come down to see this wonderful chunk of our family and see how much he's grown this past year and soak in all of this wondrous light, love and beauty they and this incredible island encompass.

To: a Cayman Christmas, pt. 2!!
Bring it!!



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