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17 February, 2020

Into The Sunset

Good afternoon beauts!
How are you doing?

Last time I was on island I remember my eyeballs damn-near falling out of head when I saw a group of people riding on the beach, heading out to sea on their majestic beasts.  Of course, I'd seen this during a walk at Barker's with Helene and Louie on one of my last days, negating the possibility of setting anything up that time around but in that moment, I knew exactly what I wanted to whenever I returned to Cayman.

Lina and I toyed with the idea of originally surprising Helene with a horse riding trip but in the end, for planning purposes and logistics, looping her and Jason in was the best approach.  Us three girlies excitedly made our way up to Barker's for a sunset ride on the beach, Helene and I crossing our fingers that we would actually be riding rather than just walking in a single file line for the next few hours.  I got the lovely Chocolate Chip who was a sassy, hungry gal who kept making a move over to the bushes for a nibble and was certainly used to leading.  Our young guide quickly realised that two out of the three of us Ahlgreen chicks had experience riding and wasn't too concerned with Chocolate Chip's determination to walk in front of every last one of the other horses, his included, and permitted Helene and I to have a proper go of things as we circled back around.

I felt my head becoming clearer the longer we rode, any stress related to the family, finances, the Bar, the future, all lifted like a fog as I took in the beautiful surroundings of the sea, the nature reserve, and connected with my fellow rider.  While we were all certainly going to be sore the next few days, I hoped the therapeutic, calming effect of the ride would linger as well.  I've definitely gone through periods where I missed it but getting a proper opportunity to get back into it was right outside of my reach for one reason or another but when we arrived home, I definitely googled "horse riding in Boston" hahah For now, I'm thankful that we got to experience this together and that the idea panned out!! Galloping down the beach and off into the sunset was one hell of a way to kick off the trip; I can't wait to see what lies ahead.

The boys were happy to see us when we got home where we indulged ourselves over a gorgeous cut of tuna steak, mashed potatoes and some nice veg for dinner and geared up for a day at the beach with Dan, Katie and their two kiddos.  We spent our time sipping champagne, wine, local beers, swimming out in the sea, paddle boarding annddd constantly moving further and further up the beach to avoid the surprisingly high-tide.  Thankfully, we got lucky and mother nature permitted us to stay and enjoy a lovely beach BBQ in great company.

Not a bad start, not a bad start at all...



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