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28 February, 2020

Changing Perspective

Everything here is beautiful and brings me joy.  From the colourful paint on the houses, the wind in the trees, the soft golden morning light that peaks through our window as the cockerel crows, the little geckos running around in the garden...I think it's safe to say I'm in love with this place.

Even though we are indeed on holiday, the NY Bar waits for now man.  Did I consciously choose to bring my Trusts materials to a tax haven? Nope.  Was I thoroughly amused by this, you bet your ass I was. The surge of appreciation, positivity and sheer happiness I was feeling slowly but surely did a number on me--altering my perspective bit by bit and in the process, making the tedious, daunting work of Bar prep that lied ahead seem a lot less scary and a lot more doable.  Surrounded by family, the sun in the sky, and either the pool or the beach to flock to when I need a break to clear my head certainly made the experience of studying this time around a very different one from the get-go.

In between cramming Trusts, Wills & Estates info into my head, we went for a family walk on the beach, enjoyed some sunset drinks at one of the resorts, did a bit of exploring on a family road trip around the island where we stopped by some of our favourite places for a dip, a sip, or some food,  and before we knew it, Christmas was only a few sleeps away and the time came for Louie to crawl up the ladder to the attic to leave his mince pie for the Nisse (gotta love the cross-over of different cultures and traditions in this family!).



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