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01 February, 2020

Am I Cool Now?

Hello hello!

It's been a minute since I did an OOTD at the Lincoln Memorial but every time, I love it.  It's such an immense, beautiful space that honestly, wearing a brown paper sack I feel like would still look amazing.  My last look was verrryyy different from this one (available here) and a lot more extensive in the shots but I love the turn outs for different reasons and we were running a bit short on time here.

As I mentioned before, Lina dressed me from top to toe so if this ensemble looks a little different from what I normally wear, that'd be why.  I can't say that I would have paired everything the way she did but I was hella comfortable and each piece is one that I loved--perhaps just styled differently.  Either way, if you're vibing with the look in its entirety or fancy a piece or two--you know the drill! Please see the widget below for the goodies!



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