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22 January, 2020

Treasure Traditions

Hello lovelies! It's been awhile!

Sorry for the lack of content, I've been in the deep, dark depths of Bar prep since getting back to Boston post-Cayman and haven't had a chance to look through the mass amount of pictures taken, never mind edit them and shove them into posts!

There'll be some new posts coming your way soon as I gear up for the NY Bar (Take 2) at the end of February but I won't have time to keep up with TT's, Current Inspirations, weekly shopping recommendations etc. but I'll do my best to keep a steady stream otherwise. Thank you, as always for your patience.  I hope you all had a magnificent holiday season and that 2020 is off to an amazing start for you!

We're going to start things off with the last bit of stateside shenanigans of 2019 including a last night out with Thay, Tom and David (no, we did not plan on matching...), presents and dinner with wifey, a newfound Ramen addiction, and a safe touch down in our nation's capital city. I was welcomed into Lina's cozy little dorm with cuddles a plenty, cozy socks, and a chicken caesar salad wrap I quickly devoured as we dove right into catch-up mode.  We went to our favourite, traditional spot near the Georgetown Waterfront at Farmer's Fisher's Bakers where we sat outside (crazy as we may have looked)near a very sassy fire, guzzling bevvies and indulging in that famous artichoke and crab cheese dip.

I miss D.C. when I'm not there though I wonder if that's just because Lina lives there that I feel so in love with the district.  I hope to visit more in the coming year whilst I still have the chance before Lina graduates and possibly relocates to, well, anywhere knowing her.  These traditions mean so much to me, especially around the holidays where we, after losing Daddy, haven't found it in us to follow through with all of those we used to do together and in lieu of this, have created new ones.

I know he thinks that us casually meeting up to see each other in our East Coast cities is the coolest thing ever and it really just gives me that jolt of, holy shit, we are alive and doing x, y z and how amazing is that? How lucky are we? Treasure all the little things, and celebrate and revel in all the big ones because you never know when you're feeling, seeing or doing something, that it could be your last and not even in the sense of death just, life is incredible but it is unpredictable.  Things can change so quickly and as resistant as I admittedly still am to some changes, I'm working on realising I can't control it and that it's better to ride the waves as they come to you. Wow that took a turn. Righties, back to a bit of Crim law+pro and maybe even some dinner ;)

Thanks for reading! Lots of love!


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