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28 December, 2019

The Nutcracker

It'd been a rough week, filled with loads of anxiety that I was having trouble shaking off.  I couldn't quite pin-point the exact cause but I figured it's just the overall stress of making sure I had everything sorted before leaving for holiday.  Anyone know that frustrating feeling of needed to get a few specific things done and then, well, life happens and other unexpected things swoop in and require time and attention first? That's been the past two weeks.

I was trying to get in the holiday spirit and sort as much as I could but I do just have to work on accepting the fact that as much as I want everything to be figured out and taken care of, there will always be things outside of my reach and control.  Any tips for dealing with anxiety?

One of the few times I actually left my house that week was to see a classic--The Nutcracker--with Thay at the Opera house.  It was a beautifully done productive filled with impeccably talented dancers that I could watch for hours on end!  I hope to take in a few more shows because it really was such a great experience and I'm so happy we decided to have a girl's night at the ballet, even if I was in a bazaar mood afterwards over drinks at Yvonne's.  I'm trying to keep myself busy but hey, some days that's easier done than others seeing as I just can't seem to shut my brain off but music has always helped, and this was no exception.

Remember to treat yourself with kindness and recognise that whether or not you know why, it's okay to have bad days or bad weeks.  Try and figure out the root cause(s) if you can but also be ready to work on accepting that sometimes you might not be able to and that's just how it goes.  Some tips that I've found help are doing things that, difficult or uninteresting as they may seem to be in the moment, even if it's just a workout or cooking a meal gives me a good boost.  Once I get one thing done, the rest come a lot easier--the hardest part is starting!! Also, I've recently starting using essential oils and they work wonders!! I love orange, in particular.

Chin up chickens!! Sending positive vibes your way!!  The holidays aren't an easy time for everyone.

Big love,


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