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16 December, 2019

Thanksgiving, 2019

It was rather suckish that both Lina and I had so much to do during her short time with me in Boston over Thanksgiving but I suppose that finding that work/life balance is just part of the adulting game!! With some gnarly weather outside and a whirlwind of a weekend behind me, I felt particularly powerful and after no less than two 10-card fairy card readings done with freakishly accurate results, I thought I'd give my first tarot card reading for another a try with Lina.  Our Mama was the one who first taught us and whilst Lina's done this for awhile now and has been more involved in it than I have, it would appear as though the talent is genetic.  We broke out my crystal that Thay brought me back from her trip to Sedona, Arizona, turned on the fountain and lit three candles to surround us on the big fluffy rug for my first reading for a human other than myself.  The outcome? Lina sprawled on the floor, eyes popping out of her head, speculating the meaning of life hahah

After the reading we tucked into the White Bean Chili I had prepared for her arrival over an intense game of Myreturen and a few rounds of "Sh*t Head", indulging in my new favourite cookies and fruit snacks until we had belly aches and Lina admitted defeat.

The morning after the stormy weather continued on with a vengeance, leaving us with little choice but to cancel our planned trip to the Harvard Arboretum and take our coffee and doughnuts down to The Charles River.  It sprinkled a bit on our walk down and after taking in the view over a go on the nearby swing set, we surrendered to the now intense wind and semi-hail Thanksgiving morn welcomed us with.  The two of us fled to the warmth and comfort of the flat for a quick Skype session with Mama before Lina got started on meal prep for the evening's feast.  In between cooking and work we snuck in the first of the Harry Potter movies, a tradition usually executed over Christmas holiday that given the many changes that have occurred in the past years, we decided to push early.

Tummies a'grumblin' from a day's worth of near-starvation in preparation for Thanksgiving dinner, we popped on Harry Potter & The Chamber of Secrets, found my floor pillows and ate as though we'd never seen food in our lives.  Neither Lina nor myself has ever been the world's biggest fan of Turkey and so we opted for Daddy's famous turkey/pork BBQ bacon meatloaf instead.  This was accompanied by his nutmeg mashed potatoes, a parmesan, almond & fried onion green bean casserole, biscuits and mushroom gravy, Waldorf salad and, of course, Cranberry sauce.  Needless to say it was a massive success--to the point where we were both rendered immobilised for over an hour until we came to the conclusion that there might just be a tiny bit of room saved in our bellies for Lina's first go at Apple Cobbler.

Lina was set to head off early the next morning so that she could make it to work on time so shortly after finishing the second film and polishing off our pudding we said a million I love yous and turned in for the night.

I hope you all had a magnificent, love-filled Thanksgiving be it with friends, co-workers, strangers or family.  I'm so thankful to have this golden nugget this close to me and for us all to be in good health, trudging forward in this wonderful, messy, heartbreaking and beautiful life together.  Happy Thanksgiving all!!

As nighttime fell, a night on the ghost town with the girlies called twice that weekend.  We tried to break out of our routine by mixing things up a bit but alas, you always go back to what you know!!  Christmas decor is scattered throughout the city of Boston and I'm all about it!! Who doesn't love this time of year?  As difficult as it is for us both, we now somehow value the holiday season even more highly than before and appreciate all of the small bits and pieces that together, make it the special time of year that it is.

Big love & well wishes to you all!


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