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16 December, 2019

Sun & Snow: A Haul

Hello <3

Man, can I just start this off by saying wow is it confusing to try on bikinis when it's snowing!! A cool feeling knowing that I'll be able to escape the surely harsh winter we have in store for us in Boston but a weird one nonetheless.

To kick off this haul of snow-ready and sunshine-ready goodies, I'll start off by saying that I managed to somehow, in a frustrated and likely intoxicated state, rip a hole in my beloved Mango leather jacket with my keys that, while Mama patched up beautifully, is not likely to hold forever.  If there is an item I could never live without having in my closet, a killer biker leather jacket is it.  I scoured the internet in search of a similar model but unless I wanted to times my price range 10x, I was out of luck.  This Michael Kors jacket is extremely similar on all fronts except one--the length.  I've grown so accustomed to having semi-cropped leather jackets throughout the past 10 odd years that having one that actually hits my hips is weird but very normal haha

Let's continue on in the direction of all things leather by landing on these three new pairs of thermal leather leggings from Calzedonia!! I also (whoops...) managed to break the black pair I bought around this time last year & decided that my dark red pair needed company with these fabulous army green jeggings and two new sets of black ones.  The picture doesn't show it as well as I wanted to (not for lack of trying) but, just so y'all don't think I've totally lost it, one of them is very patented and the other one is more matte.

Two of the first pieces I picked up from She In are these black and blue, respectively, bodysuits that I'll tell you right now, are extremely flattering and comfortable at the same time!  Hi, I'll take you in every colour.  Now, enough cold weather clothes and onto the mass amount of swimsuits and other Cayman-ready goodies that have been welcomed into my home inclusive of: flip-flops, four new pairs of high-waisted shorts, two polka-dotted maxi dresses with a little slit at the bottom, a spicy red ruffled number, a sweet blue and white striped sundress,  two simple comfy cami dresses to throw on over a bikini, a sexy black lace open back halter-neck minidress, a flirty yellow floral long-sleeved dress, an off-the-shoulder black pom-pom dress and finally, a black and white polka dot ruffled maxi gown.  Sensing a theme?

ASOS called my name and I answered with two pairs of high-waisted jean shorts: one black, one blue denim, and a pair of black leather sandals.  H&M beckoned, I arrived also walking out two pairs of regular shorts in the same colours.  I've been doing more second-hand shopping recently and am very happy in having done so thus far both with my black Le Pliage Lonchamp Neo, a ring that's en route and this black woven Zara beach bag.  Another massive positive to buying second-hand is that if the item you've taken a liking to is no longer available, you have a chance to get your hands on it pre-loved which, often times, can mean that it's good as new!! My second second-hand buy for this haul was these cognac brown leather and straw espadrille-inspired Michael Kors sandal heels that were completely new, tags still attached!! SCORE.

I think it's incredibly important to realise that each and every one of is different and therefore, what one person does to limit their waste and take care of our shared home, another might not find as easy or be as willing to do.  I have admitted to my guilty pleasure of indulging in fast fashion in the sense that I do, by way of purchase, support brands that fall under this label.  I, however, use these items for years to come and so rarely throw anything away, opting to offer it to a friend or donate it if I don't think I'll use it anymore.  One of the ways that I hope to improve my levels of sustainability will for sure be in investing in more pre-loved items and researching some more eco-conscious brands as well.

Big love to you all & thanks for reading!!


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