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05 December, 2019


Good morning!!

A beautiful but short-lived crisp Autumn turned crisper but the arrival of Alvaro from Baltimore and a few days later, Lina from D.C. warmed my heart.  I met up with my darling Osito for drinks, dinner and gave him his Christmas prezzie a bit early as I was unsure that I'd see him before jetting off to Cayman for the holidays.  The brown leather loafers fit perfectly and they suited him so well that every time they caught my gaze, it seemed like he'd worn them to come see me--that they already existed in his wardrobe.  There's not quite a feeling to match giving someone the perfect gift!!

Time passed with some fun nights out, coffee shop work dates and a proper catch-up with Lina at, where else but the Bebop over our two favourite dishes (their nachos & pulled BBQ pork sandwich) and a few rounds of drinks.  It seems impossible that an entire three months has passed since Lina & I lost saw each other, after we grew so accustomed to seeing each other daily for those precious 6 months she lived with me in Boston.  It's going to be a short trip as she's got to get back to work at The Smithsonian where, with no dramatisation, she's absolutely thriving.  She's so happy to be back in D.C. that's really come to feel like home for her with so many ups, downs & overall massive changes that have occurred these past few days and I couldn't be happier for her!!

Big hugs to you all!

P.S. I fully expect the picture of Thay & David to casually show up in museums around the world.  Thay and I laughed until our bellies physically hurt when I shared the photo with her!!  It captures not only the moment it was captured but their friendship in its entirety in a way I didn't know possible hahahah


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