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10 December, 2019

Persistence, Fishies & A Drunken Scotsman

Just as we did for months whilst Lina was still a Bostonian resident, we spent a fair amount of time working at our local Pavement Coffee house.  Even though she was "on break" for Thanksgiving, this didn't mean that both of us could shirk our work-related responsibilities but we thought we may as well do it in the company of bagels, the aroma of Autumn drinks floating through the warm air and with a plus one joining us--flowers in hand--later that day.  As is basically tradition, Thay, Lina & I made our was to The Bop to continue our work.

November 26th. was the day that almost two years of gruelling, frustrating work paid off!  I received a denial on all fronts regarding my eligibility for a kind of financial support Danish citizens have a right to receive from the government while studying.  It hit pretty hard but I started on my appeal and sent off the finalised version only to hear back the day following with the amazing news that they'd made a mistake and that I was indeed eligible to receive what I've been tirelessly working towards getting since early Spring of 2018!! The pictures below are of me calling my Mama to tell her the great news--that I just won my first case!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lina and I, high on this phenomenal news, skipped around the flat listening to Christmas music, randomly stopping to sneak in a bit of a boogie, before making our way to the New England Aquarium YEET!! YEET!!  Surprisingly this was not just my first time but also Lina's and man, were we hyped and my levels of excitement went through the effing roof when we walked into the Touch Tank room where I learned that I could ever-so happily PET STINGRAYS FOREVER!!!  They are just the cutest, softest, beautiful, most majestic creatures and I lowkey love them...a lot.

We quickly discovered that Lina is absolutely, positively, to her core frightened of damn near every sea creature with a strong emphasis on fish.  You can imagine how thoroughly entertaining the majority of our trip was based on this fun little fact rearing it's head!!  Whilst she squirmed away, hiding in dark corners away from the glass exhibits filled with under the sea wonders, I practically had my face squished up on them.  IT WAS SO COOL GUYS AHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
From there we had a little walk around down by the harbour to take in the sunrise and made our way to Chart House for some glasses of celebratory bubbly, braving rush hour traffic to end the night with some perfectly Autumn-worthy booze drinks and dinner at The Bop.

What a day <3 Seriously loving having Lina here, it just feels so normal and is big news even big news unless you have someone to share it with?! I THINK NOT.

Big love,


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