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03 December, 2019

Make It My Own

With the revolving door that is my flat coming to a bit of a stop before Alvaro and Lina come, I felt the need to make the place a bit more my own.  In doing so, I've changed a couple of things here and there and picked up some bits and bobs to make the place a little more "mine" and "lived in".  This has, thus far, included getting the two painted Danish postcards into some frames, getting a little herb box, a rack for my boots, another storage shelf near the kitchen, a new set of bathroom holders, some new plants and a new key chain as my beloved fluffy red BU one has officially called it a day.

Finally, I wanted to share a bit about my experience with a company called Grove Collaborative that I've had VIP membership with for a couple of months now.  This is not sponsored, not an ad, just my genuine thoughts on an amazing and rather important company given the global climate crisis we are facing.  This company offers a recurring shipment service (you can pay one round of $19.99 yearly or per month for what I'm aware) of natural, environmentally friendly products.  I decided in moving back Stateside that I really wanted to be more conscious of the things that I buy around the house both for, yes, my own health and well-being but also very much so for the world around me.  The amount of toxins, chemicals and unnecessary no-no's in every day products is appalling and what I like about Grove is that it is, bluntly, a one-stop-shop for absolutely everything so you're not running around in circles trying to figure out where to get what.  If you're worried about having one more delivery on your carbon footprint, they offset every shipment as well.

You can pick and choose whatever you want but, after the first month, they personalise your shipments based on what they think you'll need (which you can edit/remove as needed).  I have lost track of how many different things I've actually got at this point in my flat from Grove Collaborative but some things from my most recent orders include some extra toothbrushes, toothpaste, bin bags, moth balls, antibacterial cleaning spray, tampons, sponges, hand sanitiser, reusable ziplocks, and adorable spray bottles.  Keep in mind that of these items is cruelty free, sustainable, and made with natural, recycled materials.  Let that sink in.

When you're a VIP member you also get goodies every so often, completely free of charge!! The last ones I've selected from this array are some white porcelain trays, dish washing soap, candles, and a lint-roller.  Some extra pieces that they carry that I'm a huge, huge fan of as well are their essential oils, shaving razors, toilet paper and kitchen roll, body wash and glass cleaner.  I'm geeking out hardcore right now so I'm going to stop while I'm ahead and hope just an ounce of my enthusiasm has rubbed off on you enough to consider giving them a go for a month or two.  If you have any questions, sound off!!

Thanks for reading all and as per usual, if you see anything that takes your fancy, have a look below in the widget for the same, or similar items to those included in the photographs below.

Big love,


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