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27 November, 2019

What, a llama?! He's supposed to be dead!!

Good evening!

Following a wonderful and much-needed 2-ish month break in Denmark, I landed back in Boston on the 28th. of October to discover my flat filled with sticky notes and that odd feeling that I'd never left.   I gave the place a nice clean, unpacked, opened up the plethora of boxes waiting for me, sorted a bit more Christmas shopping and made the famous white-bean chili before being tackled by a very happy, very squeal-y Thay and settling in for a snuggly Halloween movie night.

My first couple of days back were jam-packed sorting the many things that much as I did try, I couldn't do from across an ocean.  On that list was setting up my new doctor and getting the first appointment out of the way and trying on this year's Halloween costume--Yzma.  Leave it to me to choose an ensemble that included a face full of oily makeup and feathers on an uncannily warm and windy night in Boston!  Even though the majority of people at the pre-game we attended didn't immediately guess my costume correctly (Ursula...really?! Just you wait until I go as Ursula y'all!) I'm quite happy with how it turned out and my more American friend group lost it when they saw the pictures!

The one thing that's really struck a poignant note since returning is exactly how breath-takingly beautiful New England is in the Fall.  I wasn't here for most of November due to my law school graduation in London last year and everything from the crisp blue sky, the array of colours of autumn leaves blowing through the air and golden hour taking over the afternoon and transporting me into a sun-soaked paradise is as beautiful as can be.

We got Thay 99% moved out after a few hours and many trips up and down the stairs and back and forth in Bruno's overly filled car and man, I genuinely forgot how big my place is!! I mean, in comparison to the Copenhagen flats I've recently visited, it's a shoe box but for a studio in Fenway Park, it's just perfect for one.  Now that Thay's settling into her new place, I will get another 3 weeks of uninterrupted solo living time totalling about 2-2.5 months since moving in a year ago!  Alvaro will finally be coming to Boston to visit his favourites and soon thereafter Lina will be coming to celebrate Thanksgiving with her big sis.  The plan still stands for us to vacation in Cayman this Christmas and New Year's so the question remains...what unexpected house guest am I going to have in January? :D

Big love & positive vibes to you all & a belated Happy Halloween and Dia de los Muertos <3


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