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13 November, 2019

My Happy Place

Good afternoon lovelies!!

My first full day being back in Copenhagen kicked off with some freshly baked homemade banana bread (Rasmus, you're the man!) and whilst Polina & him got ready to go to a family birthday out in the middle of nowhere, I dolled myself up in preparation of a dinner with Louise & Miles out in beautiful Skodsborg.  We cooked chicken parm, sung our hearts out to Lizzo, damn near cuddled the life out of the fluffiest puppy, drank our way through three bottles of rosé and Skyped Natalie, a friend from Texas.  Before heading into town we took a walk down by the beach and met up with Polina and Rasmus in the city centre for a final night out on the town complete with Mojitos, elaborate stories, some classic dance moves, junk food and some suddenly extremely windy weather that swept us all back into the warm comforts of our beds.

A solid four hours after getting home I was up at it, feeling surprisingly well, and making jmy way to Nørrebro to meet my aunt Pernille and uncle Henrik for brunch.  The strangest/coolest thing happened at the café...the universe works in mysterious ways!! A waitress approached me and just as the words, "what can I do to help you" came out of her mouth, the same look of disbelief and recognition washed over our faces.  It was Malene!! I haven't seen this girl, easily, in a good 6 years time for no other reason except that I was so rarely in Copenhagen and we live busy lives far away from each other.  She was crazy busy with a packed restaurant but we managed a few words and a few more cuddles until she had to head back to work and my aunt & uncle rocked up.  It was a short but sweet meet-up but sometimes that's all you can manage.

Following brunch, I had but one more person to meet up with before my flight the morning after.  I'm not positive how long it's been since Louise Kofoed and I have seen each other but I want to say it was my 20th. birthday in Notting Hill!! She's been traveling all over the world since then and for once, we were both in Denmark at the same time.  We started with coffee at one of the seriously impressive array of cafés in the area, quickly opting for wine-hopping about until our bellies called for some attention.  Polina and Rasmus joined us at P.S. Bar & Grill for a lovely dinner but headed home a little earlier than I to prepare for the work week ahead.  Louise and I chose Brønnum for one last drink and for once, that was all it was.  It was so, so good seeing her again after so much time.  It never ceases me to amaze me how, if you were friends to begin with, it's irrelevant how much time passes--when you finally see each other again, you start off right where you left off.

Denmark, I'll miss you.  You are my happy place, without a doubt, and I will try hard to never take you and all of the majesty and love that you harbour within your borders for granted.  I hope to see you sooner rather than later but alas, for now, that's all the time we've got.

Big love to you all,


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