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11 November, 2019

Fyn er fin

It's always that last stretch of time that goes the quickest.  One second, I'd just prolonged my stay another three weeks and then suddenly there was just a week left of my getaway trip to my darling Denmark.  My last chunk of time on Fyn was spent enjoying morning cups of coffee, playing with Bølle, letting our competitive streaks shine over cards and board games, seeing Lyfe's new place over breakfast, seeing Lotte one more time, clearing weeds, leaves and rearranging the entire front entrance, finalising the details of Lina's & my lives over coffee and tech-assistance at Mormor and Morfar's, and popping by Vester-Skerninge Kro with flowers and honey in hand for a coffee catchup session.

The same day I said "see you" to my grandparents and had penciled in a time to see my old boss, Sanne, at VS Kro, I got the long-anticipated news regarding the New York Bar.  A mere two seconds after my grandmother said, "Oh, I wish you got the news while you were here!" the email came through.  It's not a victory this time I'm afraid...As extremely disappointing as it is, it is not unexpected as it's very normal to sit the exam 2-3 times before passing.  The passing score for New York is 266 and I wound up with 238 which honestly, I'm quite chuffed with considering I didn't manage to complete the entirety of the 200 questions on the MBE.  I walked out feeling absolutely gutted having missed 60 questions and as much as I wanted to curl up into a ball in a dark corner and just break, I had another exam straight after the lunch break and knew that if there was any chance for me to go through, I had to pull myself together and try to make up for it there.  It was definitely a blow but I have to say, I handled it leagues better than I could have anticipated.  While I'm less-than excited to dive right back into the chaotic studying routine that took over my life this past summer after a mere 1.5 months break, I take an odd solace in knowing that I unfortunately won't be doing it alone as out of our entire crew, only four passed.  I am so proud of myself and my peers for having made it this far and especially to you absolutely incredible creatures that managed to come out on the other end with a pass!!  Congratulations!! As for the rest of us, I think it's important to remember that this is an oddball of an exam and just because we didn't pass this first time around, we are no less intelligent, hardworking, or worthy because of these results.  Be proud of yourselves--I most certainly am.  NY Bar 2020--here we come!!

I came home to big hugs from Mama who, in perfect timing, was finishing up her homemade enchiladas.  I had a good little zone out period, made Sanne's flower bouquet and headed over to the Kro for a few cups of coffee.  Afterwards, I came home and ate my weight in some of the best comfort food I know, in the comfort of the couch, Mama, Mitzy & Bølle by my side, and Friends playing episode after uplifting episode before turning in early.

I awoke to a very winter-looking foggy day that synced up far too well with my mood.  Right from the get-go, anxiety hit and I could feel myself overwhelmed with sadness at the thought of leaving.  I tried to get it to work out with getting Po's extra keys somehow so that I could stay just one day more but alas, no success.  The day was spent packing and going on a little trip to Faaborg with Pia to meet a local artist and pick up some postcards that Thay found at home in my flat and fell completely in love with and finished off with some chili con carne.  I took a walk around the beautiful garden, soaking it all in, had a last Danish smørrebrøds lunch and then the time came for the "see you's".  I tried my best at getting the suitcases out into the driveway with Bølle locked inside the house but as soon as Jan pulled in, he went crazy and caught a glimpse anyways.  The tears don't start when I have to say "see ya" Mama but rather, long before when I have give Bølle some last cuddles.  He does a full 360 and his usual lively, treat-lusting, happy self disappears while a heartbroken fuzzy mass curled up on his rug stands in his place.  I don't think saying see you will ever get any easier but, "How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard."  Thank you, from the bottom of my heart for this time Mama.  I miss you already.

The trip went to Copenhagen without a hitch as thankfully Jan drove me to Nyborg and helped me onboard the train with all of my luggage.  I'd booked two reserved seats so that way there wasn't a chance I'd have to move with all of my suitcases.  Whether it's me or my luggage taking up the seats doesn't matter in the end!! I stayed with Polina and Rasmus once more who welcome me with their big strong arms, Champagne and pizza.

Bye for now, Fyn!



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