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11 October, 2019

You've Made It

I manage to find Po & Rasmus' INCREDIBLE new place without issue and was quickly cuddle-attacked with the full tiny weight of my beloved Russian.  We sat down for a few cups of the best damn Green Tea I've ever had and sat down to exchange presents.  I got a beautiful Navy blue and gold leather belt that Po found in a second-hand shop and decided had to be in my possession, and she and Rasmus got a blue, white & silver vase from Mama & I as their move-in present.  I don't quite know what I expected when I was invited to come stay with them in their new place in Frederiksberg but it was a jaw-dropping reaction, for sure!!

This place is absolutely HUGE for starters with two bedrooms, a dining room, living room, kitchen, bathroom and no less than two balconies but apart from that it's all just been completely re-done and as much as I wanted to cry when I heard what they paid in rent, it wasn't because it was unreasonable but rather because I pay the same for my flat in Boston that's easily 1/4 of the size and while charming, is nowhere near "modern" haha

I am so overwhelmed with pride and sheer joy and admiration as to everything this chick has fought her way through to accomplish to make it to this point in her life.  For someone who views her more as a sister than a best friend, it was emotional, to say the least to see how far she's come.  I am very, very grateful to be able to have been there to experience first-hand, in person, her first proper home in Copenhagen, with the man she loves.  You are nothing short of amazing and I'm inexplicably happy for you two and so, so proud.  You have always been and continue to be a guiding force, an inspiration and one of the best friends I ever could have asked for.

She sat her bouquet of flowers up in her new vase (legit the one thing they didn't have, might I add), we wiped away our tears, got in a few more cuddles, and made our way to the S-Train en route to Nørrebro where I finally tried Ramen for the first time.  I have to say, I get what all the fuss is about now!! Man, it was good!! Thereafter, we wandered to a cocktail bar nearby with one of the most extensive drink menus I've ever seen, and pretended we were somewhere out in the Caribbean sipping our summery, tropical drinks covered in blankets, rejecting the fact that Autumn is very much upon us.  We met Rasmus at home following a work dinner with his colleagues for a nightcap, turning in rather early considering these two grown-ass grown-ups had to go to work the morning following.

I passed the time by getting some grown-up things of my own done--paying bills and the like, preparing for the NYLE coming up on the 26th. of September and sprucing up the place before the two lovebirds came home with Nana and Tara arriving shortly thereafter for dinner and drinks.  I awoke the day following to the scent freshly baked homemade bread, coffee, and goodies from their local baker.  The majority of the day was used on prep work for their moving-in party later on that night which went superbly!!

Two of Polina's friends from her university on Odense, J, and Anne, Jordan, Tara, her boyfriend Tom, and Rasmus' friend from work in Odense, Hader came over for a cosy flat-warming party complete with traditional old Viking liquor, 80% rum, a steady flow of beer, wine and G&T's, homemade pizza, a meat and cheese board and whether it was a whisky, rum, or port wine that Polina had created with her Step-Father ages ago, I'm not sure Hader and I will ever know...Unsurprisingly, likely due to how great the party went, there was not a single picture taken of the events that unfolded which, now that I think about it twice, is probably for the best!!  Either way, the day following was as could be expected: a proper hangover Sunday.  We spent ours hiding away from the otherwise beautiful sunshine, slowly getting by with with copious amounts of coffee, carbs, sweets, documentaries, painting, baking and naps placed strategically throughout.

Although I didn't manage to see nearly as many people as I had hoped, I thoroughly enjoyed my time in Copenhagen and as the realisation hit that between friends I'd yet to meet up, places I wanted to see, with and an ever-growing to-do list dauntingly seeping into my anxiety, I made the decision to extend my stay in Denmark.  The plan was originally for me to return to Boston on October 7th. but after confirming with Lina that she was going to be attending a Primates Conference in New Jersey for her birthday on the 24th., paired with my burgeoning desire to stay in Denmark for a bit longer, I rebooked my flight so that I will now be returning the 28th. of October.  Following this decision, as sad as I am that I will be unfortunately missing the Lewis Capaldi concert I've been looking forward to for MONTHS now, I quickly came to terms with making my way back to Fyn and temporarily saying goodbye to these two lovely humans and the city I still feel as though I barely know, but continue to fall in love with.  Thank you two for having me, I can't wait until next time!!



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