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14 October, 2019

We're Collecting Moments, Tattoos On My Mind

Good Mondayyyyy lovelies!
How was your weekend?

My time is being spent mainly just soaking it all in--the simplest, but most important of things: family, the beauty of nature, time with my sweet Bølle & Mitzy, eating good grub, laughing, playing cards and, of course, sorting out miscellaneous legalities and my life once I get back to Boston.  The one thing I felt that I missed, truly, was Jasmin's wedding.  I've known Jazzy since 2013 when we first met staying at student housing out in Wembley whilst attending the University of Westminster, before I chose to move back to Denmark.  Where the time has gone...Unfortunately, as close as England is, for a variety of reasons, I was unable to attend but she looked absolutely drop-dead gorgeous and my heart was in Windsor for the full day.  Congratulations to both you lovely humans!! I wish you all the love and luck in the world and wish I could have been there to celebrate you and your long, happy future together.

Apart from relaxing via the more conventional forms, I, destress by cleaning and organising!  Coming out to Mama's shit show of a house has just meant that I have more opportunities to destress really.  I tackled all of her Montessori boxes that came home from Arizona, sorting, counting, packing them all properly down (as they came jumbled, spread out in different boxes rather than in their curriculums, with pieces missing, broken...ah, Lord) and making a simple inventory list of everything.  Given Mama's injuries (shoulder, wrist and a continuously deteriorating back) she's been unable to mentally or physically do anything since...wait for it...I was here helping her sort through it last year.  It only took about 4 hours and now the closet aspect of the master bedroom, which, as you can see, hasn't come any further in renovations either, is now cleared of all things Montessori.

It's great being home for a long, long (and ever-growing since my temporary return) list of reasons but being able to help my family is definitely at top of it.  Mormor, the badass she is, decided that she was ready to hop on the Smartphone train and so we got her the edlerly-friendly Doro all setup.  Look how cute and happy she is!!

As lovely as it's been chilling out here in beautiful, quiet Vester-Skerninge, I was feeling a bit of a pull elsewhere.  You guessed it--back to Copenhagen it is!! Louise, Caroline & I must have some form of friendship telepathy because just as I could feel myself getting a bit antsy, they wrote to me stating that I should prepare myself for a kidnapping as we needed a night out on the town together!!

Lousie has, as the last of my friends left on Fyn, also just moved to Copenhagen.  Whilst she has been flat hunting, she's setup shop out in Skodsborg where her grandparents have their holiday home.  Not one of us could remember the last time we properly went out together--not to a bar, or a restaurant for drinks, but a night filled with far too much liquor and an awful lot of dancing!  Stay tuned for a boat-load of snapshots commemorating what wound up being a massively extended time in Copenhagen...once more.

Big love,


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