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04 October, 2019

The Scandi Way

I thought it was time for me to press pause in regards to my daily appreciation of pålægsmand, Danish sweeties, card games & binge-watching of Broen and exchange my beloved pair of sweatpants for some grown-up clothes, a face full of makeup, and a trip to Odense to see Caroline and Louise before making my way onwards to Copenhagen to stay with Polina and her boyfriend, Rasmus in their new apartment.  They picked me up, giant suitcase and an equally big smile in tow and after dropping off my stuff at her parent's place and saying hello, we started off on our mission of a proper girly "hygge" evening.

It's things like sitting at a beautifully decorated café or wine bar, cosied up under heaters and wrapped in blankets, smoking far too many cigarettes over cocktails, wine and delicious food, giggling until there are tears in my eyes that I miss and whilst the majority of these can indeed be achieved elsewhere, it's still just not quite the same as it is being back in Europe.

We started off with summery cocktails and a plate of nachos that disappeared impressively quick and made our way to Amy's Winehouse (bahahahahahha) for a night that achieved all of the above seamlessly.  Louise and I spent the night at Caro's and while she had a spa appointment to attend that morning, I kept Caroline company whilst she got her hair done and enjoyed a delicious lunch of homemade Falafel balls and a beetroot, feta cheese, apple, sunflower seed and pesto salad with her and her two ageless parents, making my way to Copenhagen for a few thereafter.

Thank you for such a wonderful time my girls!! I can't believe it's almost been 10 years since we first met and I can't wait for all that is to come.  I'm so proud of you two and all that you have gone through, accomplished, and continue to strive and aspire to be.  I'm a lucky girl <3



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