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30 October, 2019

Farewell & A Future

It's been a long time coming, especially after I moved overseas, but I've decided that the end goal is going to be moving back to Denmark to work at an American/English law firm or company somewhere in Copenhagen or Nordsjaelland because this, this is home.  I've been so fortunate throughout the years to call so many places around the world home but Denmark always has and always will have a prominent and special place in my heart.  This trip showed me what every day life could be like and that struck a nerve.  Of course we'll all be working, starting families, and not likely all living right on top of each other with endless free time on our hands but somehow, already in the beginning stages of all of the above, we've made it work.

As much as I thoroughly enjoyed my time on Sjaelland with some of my absolute favourite humans, Mama missed me and I thought Louise might want a bit of "her time" after all as well.  I woke up to the fluffiest of puppies who accompanied me on a walk in the backyard to gaze out at the breathtaking ocean view with a cup of coffee in hand, taking in the raindrop-adorned garden.

Louise had two flatmate interviews in Copenhagen so while she spoke to her potential new roomies, I shared a cup of coffee with Tara, joined with an exhausted but free from work Po and eventually Louise again as well.  We noshed on nachos and had a drink at the "coffee" place we started, making our way from bar to bar until suddenly it was well past 4 A.M. and for whatever reason, once more, the trains stopped running and I had to jump into a cab all the way out to Skodsborg.  DSB? You Louise and I collectively a little over 1,350 kr. after my time in Copenhagen alone! I was less irritated by having to spend so much just to get home when I realised the final season of Jane The Virgin was available on Netflix and I had the other half of my incredible Sanders sandwich awaiting me in the fridge.  I cozied up in bed with my sandy, some citrus sparkling water (my go-to drink the past few months as I've cut soda almost completely out of my diet and have increased my hydration levels by a billion :P) and a handful of spinach I tossed onto the bed...the poshest midnight snack I've ever had hahaha

My last full day started with a lunch date at Hoppe's with my girl Caro as Louise headed off to a job interview.  She joined us for a glass of Champagne before we set off on the hunt for the perfect pair of winter boots.  I said a quick hello to Caro's Mama who was in town for uni before meeting up one last time with Telissa.  Louise and Caroline hung out over a cup of a tea with Caro's Mama before they headed off to dinner and Louise joined us for another bar-hopping session.  All four of us had dinner together and while Telissa and Louise made their way home, Caroline and I stayed out to meet up with what was supposed to be a nightcap with her boyfriend Daniel, but turned into us buying out half of the pizza/durum place and Caro and I talking until the sunrise.  A few hours of sleep later I awoke with what was most certainly no longer allergies but rather a nasty cold.  I trudged my way back out to Louise for a final cup of coffee at the cutest little yellow cottage and then the long trip went back to Sydfyn where I was welcome with open arms by both Mama and a very happy Bølle (and my pretty new blue ombre keyboard).

It was a trip that so far exceeding any of my expectations but man, was I ready to sleep for a full day now that I was back home again and once more living in sweatpants, days comprised mainly of drinking coffee, eating, playing cards and watching the Danish version of Dancing With The Stars ;)



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