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16 October, 2019

Everything/Nothing's Changed

Goodbye to the beautiful countryside of Fyn and hello to the equally beautiful city of Copenhagen!! It was meant to have been a two day girly weekend trip away but it turned into my staying for almost a full week.

My trip started off a bit rocky with me attempting to figure out the hopeless bus system, thinking that I somehow missed it (impossibly so given that I was 30 min. early) but turns out it was just 20 min. delayed and so I made my way to Nyborg to meet up with Louise and her family for lunch.  I don't think I've been properly back in Nyborg since graduating and while we didn't see the entirety of the city, it didn't look like all too much has changed which was somehow, strangely nice.  Louise's mum, not-so-little brother Nikolai, Weezy & I stopped at the café where we had our Gala dinner, where I shared a celebratory glass after graduation with my family, and now, so many years later, just for a little catchup lunch before making our way to Copenhagen.  While Louise packed up the car Nikolai serenaded me on the guitar, legs in the air, using one of Mile's squeaky toys as a foot pedal, screaming, "Olé!" at random intervals hahah

Lizzo & Taylor Swift blasting through the speakers, Miles passed out on my "fur" coat in the backseat, we arrived in Skodsborg must faster than I'd anticipated.  Miles and the neighbours' dogs immediately started an intense game of tag, whilst we introduced ourselves and took in the stunning view of the ocean, with Sweden just on the cotton candy horizon.  Thereafter, Louise and I went to pick up Caroline from the train station and hopped on over to the grocery store.  We decided to go with a simple ricotta and spinach ravioli with a tomato garlic sauce and some rosé to enjoy as we dolled ourselves up, updated each other on any and all life events that had occurred since we'd seen each other last and whatever else we didn't get to before, gave Miles some super cuddles, and made our way into the city.

After a thoroughly entertaining ride on the new Metro circle, our night kicked off at Lucifer where we enjoyed a few Margaritas and glasses of Champagne, meeting all the people of the Copenhagen hospitality circle (*tips hat to my badass friend Caroline*) as well as a new friend or two.  From there we headed onwards to Dandy where I FINALLY got to meet Caro's better half, Daniel, who proceeded to encourage us to mix every alcoholic beverage under the sun well into the morning.  Louise and I headed home around 7:30 A.M., just in time to take in the melting bright orange sun rising from the ocean's horizon.

How we felt human after 12 hours straight of drinking, running on 4...genuinely I have no idea cos we gettin' ollldddd!!! Weezy wanted to start winter bathing and I've been intrigued about this for a bit as well, just not having the same opportunity or safety zone of trying it anywhere but good 'ol Denmark.  Bright and early, these two West Coast ladies squirmed our way into our bikinis, took a deep breath, and then realised we'd have to take turns taking a dip out in the nippy sea as Miles was most certainly not keen on us doing so without him right there to protect us!

Louise made her famous breakfast tacos and then we setup shop in the tv room upstairs for a day filled with online shopping, cuddles, sweets, documentaries and Thai food before turning in early.

Y'all are crazy and I'm so, so happy to still have you both as friends almost a decade late...

Big love,


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