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13 October, 2019

Em's Sale Selection: Pt. 31

Afternoon all!!

Sundays have a different meaning for everyone and an ideal Sunday is bound to change every week but optimally, it's that last bit of relaxation and prep for the week ahead!  So far my Sunday has started off with a cup of coffee and a few rounds of cards with Mama, a good clean of the house, laundry, playing with Bølle, lining up the week's to-do's, and blog post prep!! Now, the last two days I've all-but lived on the internet (shocking, I know) scanning each corner for gorgeous fashion goodies that one day soon I hope to have become a part of my growing collection of pretty little things.  

It's nothing new in that most of my favourite pieces are those that once belonged to my stylish Mama but this time around visiting I'm just loving a lot of what she's wearing!!  It started with me having to borrow a black leather bag of hers since my travel bag's strap was looking a little concerning to take with me to Copenhagen to visit Po, who, after I introduced her to the Longchamp brand, lives in a black nylon version of their famed bag.  Enter purchase number one!!   

Second up involved Mama's extreeeemlyyy comfortable Hunter rain boots that I've now snapped up a pair of that will be waiting for me when I get back to Boston for the winter months ahead that I have a funny feeling will involve more rain and sludge than snow.  

On my most recent trip to Copenhagen with Louise and Caroline I got to bring Mama's large, black fluffy faux fur coat that she picked up at a secondhand store (as all the best ones are) before travelling to London last year for my graduation.  It's almost floor length and IT'S.SO.FLUFFY.  I feel like a QUEEN walking around in it, even if I did get a comment or two about wearing "fur".  It looks so real that I almost understand the comments but in reality, I told them off because it is faux fur and they should mind their business :P I've had a look around the secondhand shops here but with no avail and so I found a similar piece on Nak-d that I'll share with you all upon arrival.

Another piece I fell in love with of Mama's that came along with me on the CPH trip was a pair of ancient black velvet trousers that were as comfortable and chic as they were warm!  In the shopping basket they go...

Just incase you might want to spend a fraction (likely a significantly smaller amount than me) of your Sunday time online window shopping, here are a few options!

Have a good one!


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