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02 October, 2019

Coffee & Catchups: Take Me Home

Time for take off!!  I couldn't have been anymore excited about going back to Denmark for a de-stressing holiday that worked as the "carrot in front of the horse", really--as that last motivational push needed to get through the entire Bar process. 

I ordered an embarrassingly large amount of sushi while I ticked off the last bit of my to-do list whilst I was in Boston that also, thankfully, worked as a bit of a "sleeping pill" so that I could get a good night's rest before my day of travel.  Sweet Thay sent me off with a beautifully written letter and a cute bedazzled giant headband--my new go-to accessory since I cut my hair.

I landed in Copenhagen bright and early and was already welling up as we flew over this gorgeous little fairytale country that, as many other places are continuously added to the list, will always feel like home. The tears continued as I looked out the window on the train on my way over the bridge en route to Nyborg where Mama stood waiting for me on the platform.  Man, it's good to be home!!

She made me one of my favourite Danish meals--meatballs, carrot salad and pickled cucumbers for dinner and already the day following, I could feel myself having to put up a decent fight against a gnarly dose of jet-lag over a game of Trivial Pursuit that lasted until 4:30 A.M.  I sorted through all of the clothes I had left here, choosing what I hope to bring to Boston and properly repacking everything for storage the day following and soon thereafter, popped into my grandparents a catchup and a few cups of coffee.

Mama and I headed into Svendborg to have an early breakfast with her friend Vibeke and while they enjoyed a film together, I ran a few errands in town that brought me down to my grandparents once more for a surprisingly positive and successful family meeting.  The day after, another coffee-cake-catch-up was on the books with our dear family friend Hanne, who my parents have known since before they were my age! Enjoying the last bit of Danish summer weather that was leftover for me in late August/early September, I pranced around Mama's colourful roses and picked homegrown raspberries, cucumbers, tomatoes and apples.  In between hanging out with Mama's neighbours and her friend Jan, things shoved temporarily aside under the Bar slowly but surely were too checked off of their respective to-do lists over card games and movie nights.

I finally had enough of Mama's complaining about how nothing in the house (for a long list of reasons) has changed and seeing how sad it made her and decided that while she had acupuncture therapy, I would run around in my underwear listening to Taylor Swift's latest album, "Lover" and rearrange the entirety of the downstairs of the house.  It started with her request that I move everything of Daddy's, Lina's and mine, into a single room upstairs and ended up with me saying f*ck it, moving everything else leftover to create space to sort through it all, one box at a time and well, walk without the risk of tripping over the giant iron cast chandelier or yet another box filled with CD's or books. 

Sweet Louise made her way out to Vester-Skerninge for yet another lovely and much-needed catch-up over a fair amount of wine and plenty of carbs.  Louise didn't make it more than 48 hrs. before deciding she wanted to spend another day out in the beautiful countryside with us two crazies and came for one more hyggeligt sleepover.  I finally got to meet Jan's lovely sons as well who joined Louise, Mama & I for a delicious lasagne dinner whereby almost everyone was decked out in Boston University merch :D REPRESENT!!

I'm so grateful to be able to have come back to Denmark after all and am truly doing my best to soak up all of the small beautiful things I've longed for and am off to a great start of simply trying to breathe and enjoy these moments with the people most precious to me.

Big love & positive vibes sent your way,


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