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30 October, 2019

Back In The Day

Good afternoon wonderful humans!!

This past week has been spent getting some sort of control over everything that's coming back to Boston, including purchasing, wait for it...24.7kgs of Danish goodies to schlep across the Atlantic.  Needless to say, I've also purchased another suitcase.  After my dentist appointment I had lunch, coffee and cake with my grandmother's cousin, Lotte, who's been like another grandmother for Lina & I throughout our childhoods.  She is such a badass and the ultimate sweetheart.

I hadn't been to her house in ages and as beautiful as I remember it, it was 100000x even more so.  It is pure, old, artistic, magic with all of it's creaks and cracks, it's gorgeous.  I think her home, which I just learned is apparently her childhood home, is the closest thing to an actual castle that I've been in.  Everything from massive iron chandeliers, a dramatic staircase, paintings of Lotte as a child, antique this, silver that, flowers, and books and artwork's like walking in a dream.  She's quite close to where my grandparents live and although they look out at the same sea, the view is somehow still something of its own.  I'd love to share pictures of it but neither of us feel quite safe in doing so.

Lotte unfortunately lost both of her beloved Schnauzers, Emma & Mille but, through a friend of hers, is now step Mama to cute little Alvin.  Schnauzers are a tad bit too yappy for my taste but I grew fond of them both and Alvin, with his wiggly little body and giant eyebrows won me over in a second!  The only thing I thought might be missing was a fresh bouquet of flowers and the look on her face just said it all.  I love spending time with my grandparent's family and friends because they have such a refreshing, interesting perspective on life & the world we live in.  I know a lot of it obviously has to do with the fact that they all grew up under WWII and while we aren't always completely in agreement on a lot of more "modern" topics, there is always a different level of appreciate for the little things that I love.  That, and the stories!!

I decided, once I came home, that I'm going to start recording all of the many complicated, long, detailed aspects of our family history because I think it's a blessing to know so much about our background and equally important to do so.  Unfortunately, my memory isn't absolutely bulletproof by any means and when I say our family history is complicated, long & detailed-- I mean it.  I hope to stop by Lotte's once more before I jet back to Boston and if she's cool with it, I'm definitely going to take some voice memos!! I don't know how, but suddenly I saw that the sun was beginning to set, meaning that we'd spent almost 6 hours talking and looking at our respective photo albums.

Two days later, I popped into town to take the first step back towards reality--getting my nails done.  Thereafter, I met Lise, who, like Lotte, has been an extra grandmother for us and although not technically family, has been a very close friend of the family and a part of our lives long before either of us were born.  We caught up over a lovely sushi lunch before heading out to Mama for a cup of tea before calling it a day.

I can't believe that I've been here as long as I have but am also crazy confused as to how it is that I'm going to be back in Boston in a little over a and time man haha I've so enjoyed it and whilst I am going to miss Denmark and all that comes along with it with all of my heart, Thay is going to kill me if I don't come home soon and a part of me does miss Boston as well.  It'll be interesting to see what these coming months hold...



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