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29 September, 2019

Who Do You Think You Are?

It was Taco Thursday in the now Fabricius Ahlgreen Aliduir household but as full as we were after our dinner, we were also surprisingly awake.  We made our way to Seaport to meet up with Mohsen and a few of his friends (note: this was the night we had the most unfortunate encounter at The Landing at Long Wharf--avoid).  The night started off a bit bumpy but somewhere in between karaoke, empty bars, hidden treasures, self-defense techniques that turned into new dance moves and a continuous sequence of embarrassing dance moves we found ourselves arguing over pumpkin versus watermelon seeds over Arabic music and a spontaneous plan to go to the beach at whatever ungodly hour it was.  Thay, as per usual, passed out on the couch so Mohsen, David (a recent BU JD grad whom we finally properly got to know after a couple of quick run-ins throughout the year) and I headed to M Street beach for early morning swims, Salsa in the sand and fresh bagels on the way home. 

Ivy, a fellow BU graduate was getting ready to head to a the internship she acquired in New York so of course we had to celebrate!! Thay, Ivy & I met up with David and a few of his friends at Legal Seafoods before making our way to Scholars and yup, you guessed it, Thay wound up asleep on the couch after stating how hungry she was, my suddenly whipping up scrambled eggs for all the boys instead, and another trip to the beach until the sunrise.



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