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17 September, 2019

The Lucky Ones

So...what are you up to now that the Bar is over? Uh...I have reverted back to wearing Athleisure wear and have found myself drinking on a Tuesday in a valiant attempt to leave my house and socialise like a grown-up which, honestly, went pretty well!! Thay and I spotted a place whilst studying in Seaport that looked like a possible good new drinks spot once we got our freedom back.

I'd like to take the chance now to write that although we had a good time the first night we went there, we met up with some friends a few weeks later (or rather, attempted to) whereby upon entry, I got yelled at by someone who claimed "they were the boss".  The gentlemen who checked our ID did tell us that they were closing, whereby we said we weren't going to order anything but just head in briefly to locate our friends and move onwards.  They said this was fine but after taking a few steps, Thay spotted the guys and walked over to them whereas I was stopped in my tracks and told repeatedly, at increasing volume levels to get the hell out.  I barely got a chance to explain that we were just locating our friends and that we'd just been allowed in by the security guards before the man started cursing and stating that he was the boss and that I should get out before I was physically moved out anyone living in Boston, I'd strongly suggest steering clear of The Landing at Long Wharf unless you want to be unnecessarily harassed, screamed at rudely and made to feel extremely uncomfortable.  Save yourself some time, money and effort and head to any one of the other number of bars in the area!!

One of Thay's newest Brazilian friends, Bruno, asked us if we wanted to join him and his friend at the newly opened Casino for some more drinks and perhaps a late night snack.  Given that it was indeed a Tuesday and that we were very much awake and resistant to turning in for the night, we tagged along.  It's always nice to meet new people and while I don't think Casinos will ever really be my thing, now we can check that off the list!

The rest of the week was spent studying for the MPRE that coming Saturday and giving the flat a proper clean and new look.  With Lina back in D.C. and my new lease contract being finalised and signed after my endless amendments, I thought it might be nice to start the next year in a clean, reorganised place that was once more my least until remaining group members of the BU LLM crew became temporarily homeless, one after the other, with expired leases and booked flights leading them into their new chapters.  I finally got around to building a home for the most of my shoes, hung up a new canopy for the bed, rearranged the furniture to make some more space and got rid of a couple of things.  Out with the old, in with the new!!

We used the majority of our new free time hanging out, exploring new places and enjoying summer while it lasted and everyone was still in town inclusive of some newly discovered bars, Chinese restaurants, delicious homemade meals at Will & Sofias with their adorable new kitten (who we've established is Mitzy's long lost twin brother) and an endless stream of law-related jokes, card games and moving.



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