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11 September, 2019

Stars, Stripes & Studying

We had the most beautiful (although disgustingly humid) month of July so Thay & I made every effort to study outside when doable.  The closer the exam came, the more alcohol that was required to get through these study sessions.  If my tolerance wasn't ridiculously high before, it certainly is now!!

I went out with Lina and her friend Beck whom she came to know via her Whale internship at one of their favourite new spots out in Sommerville which, turns out, is apparently also owned by none other than our beloved Bebop owners!!  Sommerville looks like such a cute place but man, it really is in the middle of nowhere.

While I worked away with my notecards, Lina did some card reading of her own for sweet Caroline, our favourite waitress, as well as a few of the other Bebop bartenders.  She got around to finally trying her first Guinness (which went surprisingly well), I got my good luck nails set for the trip to New York, decided to snip my hair rather than snapping and after many, many failed attempts (my hair does not take well to dye), Lina victoriously managed to get me back to blonde!!  I don't know how or when my hair got so dark, and with reddish tints in it no less, but as soon as the dye and glorious toner took effect, I felt a surge of connection to my Danish roots and felt a lot more like myself again.

All-in-all, I felt like July was comprised of four days rather than four weeks and suddenly Lina was packing up her things and getting ready to move back to D.C. for her final year at George Washington University and I was gearing up for the final days before the fear inducing Bar.

The final photo here is one of my new favourite quotes from a Kaplan professor that one of my fellow study mates shared with us that had us all in tears.  Whether that was due to sheer exhaustion or a natural reaction to how much we've invested into this journey, I do not know but it was a lovely message as we got ready for the final stretch.



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