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30 September, 2019

Spots & Splashes

Hello everyone, I hope this post finds you well!

In an unexpected but very happy turn of events, I suddenly had a flight booked to Denmark and my murky mood did a full 360.  Post-Bar blues are something we've all been battling.  Whether it's readjusting our sleeping and eating schedules, trying to relax and not have everything going a million miles a minute or utilising the insane amount of adrenaline we seem to be running on, life after the NY Bar has had it's fair share of ups and downs.  I'm happy to say that I'll be heading home for 6 weeks to bask in whatever's left of the Danish summer's I know and love in the company of family and friends.  I think it's going to be good for me to get out of Boston and away from it all for a little while before heading back, recharged and ready to dive into an intensive Spanish course, Pro Bono work, finding the courage to open the exam results when they come in and hopefully, be out and working soon again.

It's been great having Thay around as she's been staying with me since her moving out party until she finds a new place and we've been trying to get out and do all the things we've been going on about for months on end with no time to actually do them in between studying and well, drinking to numb our brains temporarily before studying again.  Going to Revere Beach was one of the things on the list and so we, alongside Bruce & Amy, made our way there.  I have to say, maybe just because I have surprisingly good memories at M Street beach already, I do prefer it.  We happened to have gone on a remarkably windy day and with very low but a strong low tide that was bringing in wave after wave of icky brown seaweed.  The four of us took in the sights and sound of the sea for a few hours before embarking on a journey to satisfy my random craving for a hot dog.  A planned trip to the beach also meant that I could finally wear my new swimsuit!

I am neither a massive fan of leopard print nor am I used to wearing a one piece but for whatever reason when I caught a glimpse of this suit whilst browsing around on the ever-dangerous ASOS website, I had to have it.  Considering how high-cut the bottom part of the swimsuit is, it's surprisingly quite flattering!!  While going through the snaps of our lovely day at Revere Beach, I was playing around with filters and fell in love with these shots when they were turned into black and white.  The only one I couldn't bring myself to alter was the simple but striking picture of the bright blue ocean--somehow caught in between the brown waves of seaweed.  If you quite like the look I donned below, you know the drill!! Have a look in the widget below for a similar summer ensemble!

Big love,

Side note: Thay and I are absolute idiots when it comes to taking pictures...the level of drama in these shots is too hysterical not to share.  As a side note to my side note, my wife is a drop-dead gorgeous Brazilian Goddess.

That is all.


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