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24 September, 2019

Our Darling

Another day, another farewell.  Thay, Jingshuang and I started the day off with a girlie brunch on Newbury street where I tried by first Bubble Tea!! Was I aware that you were supposed to consume the balls?  Nope.  Hence the face I made in the pictures where one snuck up into my straw!! All in all, would definitely give it a go again.  I can't say that I thought I would like it but whatever type it was that Thay started the day off with got a thumbs up from me!

As per usual we go directly from caffeine to alcohol and so we snuck in a round of Aperol Spritzes (Jingshuang's first!  Also approved!) before dragging ourselves unwillingly back to my place to help Jingshuang load her suitcases into the taxi bound for the airport.

When I first met you, you were already something special in my mind.  You stood out, were open, brave, friendly, not scared to break away from your comfort zone and learn and try new things.  As I got to know you I had the honour of spending my time with a remarkably funny, confident, intelligent, driven, thoughtful and sweet woman who I will miss dearly.  I have a sneaking feeling we will see each other soon somewhere in the world and I know that wherever you go, success and happiness is sure to follow.   You are such a radiating ball of light, I cannot wait to see where life takes you but I know this has only been the start of a life-long friendship.

We wiped away our tears, waving goodbye until her Uber was out of sight, taking up shop to finally get cracking on all of the non-bar related things to do we've pushed aside and put on hold these past few months, I had a drink with Lina's friend Beck and after a few hours of work, we grabbed a drink that wound up leading us to a nighttime trip to M Street beach!  Always an adventure with you girls...and for that, I am so grateful.



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