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13 September, 2019

New York Bar Exam: July, 2019

DA DUN DA DUN DA DUN DA DUN DA DUN DA DUN...And we were off!! Gustavo, Thay, Bruce & I started as Bar buddies and continued all the way through until the end as we pilled into the car and made the trip to Albany.  We spent the drive using all of our individual notes to quiz one another and discuss the various areas of law we were to be tested on in the hope that new things might stick once explained to us by another in a new way.  All of us felt that, following the exam, this session helped a lot and should we have to sit it again, that we'll definitely carve out some time for group study.  It's rare that everyone is equally strong in the same area and in instances such as this, it's really quite perfect as we all can help each other on their weakest areas and often, I find that I will understand something and remember it better if it's associated to the way a person individually went about explaining it, the memory attached to it.

We made it to Albany in good time and immediately searched for a restaurant to quell the grumbling of our nervous bellies, stumbling upon some...uh, unique, buildings in the process.  Bruce was going to send a picture to wifey Amy back in Boston saying, "Made it to our hotel!" hahaha

Once we were fed and checked in, we made ourselves comfortable in the hotel restaurant, cozying in for what was to be one of the last few late nights of studying.  Thankfully, we were all on our best behaviour throughout the trip with not one issue arising in relation to one thing or the other.  Living in such close quarters with another three people under extremely stressful conditions, it wouldn't be surprising if one or more of us were to snap but it was nothing but love, keeping each other in check and sane, support all around.  I love you guys!! I'm so grateful to have had such a large group of people who I already knew so well to go through this with.  It's been difficult to socialise with anyone who's NOT taking the Bar and thereby, at no fault of their own, simply unable to understand and appreciate the gravity of the situation and what we have had to do to even be able to sit for this exam.  I couldn't imagine having gone at this alone, especially so in the last few days leading up to it.

Between telling each other to eat, take a cat nap, move on to another topic, legal jokes left, right and centre, and an overall powerful sense of understanding, empathy, love and support, we made it out alive!!  We're not allowed to speak about the exam but I will address the question that I have been posed more than I'd like to admit: How do you think it went?  I've said it once and will say it until the end of time--I have no idea.  No one does.  It's so difficult to ascertain and gauge how you performed on the three components of the examination because of a handful of factors that, even if I tried to explain, would honestly probably confuse more than it would enlighten.  I don't know anyone who walked out after those two days feeling as though they couldn't have performed better in some aspect, that they wouldn't change the way that they studied or what they answered.  We should be and are proud that we made it this far and as long of the list of horrible things that we would rather go through instead of subjecting ourselves to this torture again is, it's not unheard of to have to sit more than once...not even close.

Once the final exam was done, I found myself crashing into walls and tripping over my feet more than usually.  I instinctually reached for my final study sheets and notebooks as we piled into the van that would take us back to the hotel for us to load up the car and make our way back home to Boston.  I warned Bruce, Gustavo and Thay not to worry if I spontaneously combusted into a waterfall of tears as they'd likely be stem from frustration, relief, confusion, exhaustion, anger, anxiety and happiness all at once.  We made it home in once piece to unpack, shower without feeling rushed, change into some clean clothes and in my case, do up a full face of makeup and put on something that wasn't leggings for a couple rounds with these lovely humans.

It hadn't quite sunk in yet, even with the New York Bar wristbands still adorned by us as badges of honour and as a reminder that we made it to this point and that it was finally over.  I compiled all of my study materials in order to spark some sort of realisation and acknowledgment of how far I'd come, how much work I'd put into this long process, to demonstrate to myself that regardless of the outcome of the exam, that it did not define my worth and that I should be proud of myself regardless.

The group met up at La Fabrica in Cambridge for a celebratory night out but alas, the majority of us were simply too exhausted to truly enjoy a night out on the town and called it pretty early.  Jingshuang, Thay & I gave it another the day following at Scholar's where we wound up drenched in sweat after a night on the packed dance floor, met some new people, and talked the night away until the sun rose.

Thank you to everyone for your support, understanding and patience.  It has not gone unnoticed or unappreciated as, although it's up to us to sit for the exam, creating a healthy, supportive environment that allows us to do our best each day, means the world.

Congratulations once more to everyone who sat and all of the best of luck to you.  For now, our schedules are cleared of practice essays, quizzes, topic overviews and lectures and replaced by drinks, sunshine and well-deserved holidays on the horizon.

Big love,

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