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01 September, 2019

Never Go Back

Hello my lovelies!!

To say that it's been awhile doesn't quite seem to do it justice.  Thank you all for your incredible patience as I took my leave of absence to study for the Bar.  As I'm writing this I am sitting on my Mama's couch here in rainy Denmark, having just managed to squeeze in a couple of last days of summer before Autumn has officially begun.  It's amazing to be back to re-charge and catch my breath after some very difficult, very stressful months.

With graduation over and done with, the strew of goodbyes began as my classmates and now, dear friends, began to head back to their home countries to start up their post-LLM lives.  A lot of us headed to Trillium Brewery for some final Bostonian beers with Juan-Pablo and a few days thereafter, once more to send off our beloved Fritz.  It's been a wave after wave of emotions with everyone trickling out one after the other rather than all in one go so I'm sure my tear ducts have now been made to be overly sensitive!  It's been incredible getting to know these people and I will always associate Boston with these lovely souls.  I've decided to stay for another year and I hope that with the few of us who will remain, it will be a wonderful year, albeit different now that almost everyone who made our time here what it was, won't be a part of it anymore.

Thay, thankfully, will also be staying for another year and if it's up to her, much longer thereafter as well as she's completely enamoured with Boston.  Dennis Lloyd (in addition to Lewis Capaldi) has taken up pretty much the entirety of our study playlists as we started the preparations for the New York Bar exam in July but both Thay and myself had been listening to Dennis on repeat months prior so of course we were going to go see him when he came to Boston.  It was a small venue, making it all that more intimate and since we misunderstood the tickets, we were there in very good time, leaving us in the front row for the show.  Morgan Saint, an artist neither of us had heard of prior to this evening, was the opening act and she killed it!!  Check her out!  She is one to watch. Her voice is powerful yet angelic, a captivating stage presence and beautifully and cleverly written songs.

Dennis Lloyd is one of those artists who is equally good live as he is in the recorded versions of his songs.   I would easily go so far as to say that he and his incredibly talented band are honestly even better live.  He rocks up in a pair of jeans a t-shirt and lets the music speak for itself.  It's palpable that each one of them thoroughly enjoys performing and that enthusiasm and passion contributes, without a doubt, to the success and overall enjoyment of a show.

I'm almost finished sorting through the thousands of pictures taken these past few months and with the weather being rather dreary, I hope to get around to editing them and creating some content for you gorgeous and patient creatures so stay tuned!!

Big love & well wishes to you all,


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