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18 September, 2019

Mida, Miami & Moving

Good morning/afternoon/evening everyone :) How are we doing?

Gustavo and Jingshuang were the last two goodbyes we had to say...three, if you count what quickly became the go-to spot for pre-drinks, after parties, and well, the home for anyone who needed it after a crazy night: Thay's place.

We sent Gustavo off after a wonderful meal comprised of some of the absolute best pasta dishes I've had since moving to Boston at a place in the South End called Mida.  It is a must-go to all of you pasta lovers!! Will's homemade pasta from a few days before set the bar understandably high but they served some spectacularly delicious dishes as well.  The lot of us checked out the famous jazz bar Wally's a few blocks up the road to soak up the relaxed atmosphere and incredibly talented live musicians, ending our night where else but the Bop.  Jingshuang had finished packing up her flat a few days before and needed a place to crash before she made her way back to China so of course a sleepover was added to the books!! We gathered at Thay's for a final farewell party at our beloved party flat.  Running on very minimal sleep and quite likely still intoxicated from the night before, wifey and I jumped into our bikinis and packed our bags for a day spent out at sea in the company of what, to me, felt like every Brazilian in Boston!!

All of the best of luck to you Gus on your new life in Miami.  You're going to crush it at your new, fancy pants job and I'm sure you will be seeing us sooner rather than later!

Big love,


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