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09 September, 2019

After Rain Comes A Rainbow

Hello hello :)

In what was then a new stream of events, I left the house!! Lina dragged me out of the house, clothed like an adult and all, to see daylight, eat at a regular hour, and attempt to get some fresh air in a change of location whilst studying.  Although this was in the early stages of NY Bar prep, things were already getting kicked into high gear.  Little did she know that in doing this, The Bebop would become our new home--more so than it already was up until this point.  Boston Pride rolled around and with everyone so busy studying, as much as I desperately wanted to join in the festivities, I didn't get to go to the parade or do anything until late that evening where Lina, Jingshuang and myself dolled ourselves up and spread as many vibes of love and acceptance as we could.

Dhruti held her birthday dinner at Barcelona where a few of us gathered to discuss our post-Bar plans over tapas, even getting to meet her lovely Mama who was still in town following graduation.  Thay eventually also ended up joining me to setup shop at the "Bop", venturing as far away as a full ten minute walk from my house for some studying at Dillon's over cocktails as well.

And there's the entire month of June for ya!!  Apart from simply not having the luxury of prioritising picture selection, editing and creating posts these past couple of months, y'all really didn't miss out on all too much as a good 95%+ of my time was spent with my nose shoved in a book, desperately trying to understand, learn and memorise everything required of me for the exam!!  We went out a lot more in the first couple of weeks and I'm so happy we did in retrospect as without having something to look forward to, a chance to let loose and get out of the house (even if in doing so we spent most of the time discussing the Law anyways), keeping our minds someone fresh and ourselves in check.



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