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27 September, 2019

A Match Made In Heaven

Why hello gorgeous!

Thay and I woke up bright and early (or rather she had been up for four hours and dragged my arse out of bed) and decided to finally go to the museums!! We've heard incredible things about the Isabella Gardner Museum since we started at BU around this time last year, Gustavo said the Mapparium was cool to check out as well so we hopped into the car with Bruno (a different Bruno, also Brazilian) and decided to get cultural.  Also, when will rainy days and Museum dates not be the a match made in heaven?  The Mapparium was beautiful and considering how short the viewing is, I'd say it's worth seeing if you happen to be in the area.

Rumbling tummies aren't exactly the best when walking around in quiet museums and so we piled in and headed to an authentic Brazilian restaurant for my first proper meal!! As much of a foodie as I am, I think Thay was about to burst with excitement and the end result was a positive one.  My favourite ting out of what I will say seemed to be a very random plate (which is apparently very normal) was definitely the sausage and a creamy salad that I gobbled up as I chugged down the GuaranĂ¡.

After lunch we experienced the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum which was just about as random as a typical plate of Brazilian food!!  The woman certainly had broad taste and while everything wasn't placed as museum usually would be, turns out it was apparently her wish that all of her treasures be displayed as she left them.  The garden and the massive detailed tapestries took my breath away! Following a quick stop at Pavement to pick up some coffee, an ABBA sing-a-long in the car and a discussion over the meanings behind the giant baby heads in front of the Museum of Fine Arts we made our way indoors to take a walk through the art and history around the world.  As much as I am exposed to new artists, styles and eras, I always come back to anything French.

We finished off by driving around rainy Boston, eventually winding up at Earl's for a cocktail followed by continued re-organisation of the flat and an early bedtime after a long day filled with beautiful things, new knowledge and another blossoming friendship.



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