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01 July, 2019

Happy Hunting: A Goodwill Haul

Hello all!
How are we doing?

One Lina's and my most recent trip to Goodwill I picked up a startling amount of things including an oversized red and white striped shirt, a pearl embellished jumper, a cloudy pair of workout leggings, rainbow crop top, a nude and gold romper that Lina & decided would be perfect for Thay, a blue velvet swing dress, black and white striped slip, a black pleated bikini cover up, a pair of Adidas track pants, a black brocade ruffle sleeve dress, a black slip dress, mixed brown leather studded belt, a black leather vintage-looking handbag, an ombre blue scarf, a cute little glass jar, a clear and gold candle holder and, although not from Goodwill but rather our BU merch store...the most embarrassing about of merchandise for the fam, and myself of course, to run around in.

Like what you see? Pick up some similar finds below or try your luck at your local thrift store--you never know how lucky you will be!

Happy hunting ;)


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