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25 June, 2019

Wifey's Birthday

From the moment exams came to a close, graduation came and went along with our beloved family members and friends, it was a time of celebration.  Thay's 26th. birthday was no exception as we met up at Scorpion in Seaport for a casual dinner filled with laughter, translations and margaritas a plenty.  This finally meant that wifey's and my Mama's could meet not only each other but their daughters as well.  Thay's mum only speaks Portuguese, hence the reference to translations above but it's amazing how well a background in Spanish, a few words in the other's native tongue, smiles & body language can go by way of communication.

My Mama unfortunately wasn't feeling well, her wrist having gotten worse during her time and Boston so her and Lina went home shortly after dinner was finished whilst the rest of us went off for a nightcap, ringing in Thay's big day at the stroke of midnight with her.

My love, you are as gorgeous on the inside as you are out.  You are nothing short of an absolute blessing to have met and having the distinct pleasure of having gotten to know this past year has brought so much light into my life and I am so honoured and happy to know that this is only the beginning for us.  You are one of the most intelligent, determined, fierce, loving (and loveable) people I've ever met.  You already have accomplished so much but I know your greatness is only going to blossom and I am proud to stand alongside you to cheer you on, to lift you up and to share in all that is to come.  Happy birthday marida, eu te amo muito!



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