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10 June, 2019

Thar She Blows!

I'm a bit disappointed in myself in that this was my first day going out on the whale watching boat with the badass intern that is my little sister but in between classes, pro bono, outline creation, studying, exams and just blowing off never synced up as a possibility.  Better late than never!! A saying I find myself living by all too often.

It was as though the universe understood, however, even with the chilly, gnarly winds and cold weather because on the same day that Helene, Mama and I went out with Lina, she was on the mic!! We all burst into tears of pride and joy as we heard our lovely little Lina's voice echoing throughout the boat, updating us what was to be expected on our trip, filling us to the brim with some of the multitude of awesome whale facts she's had to learn in her position.

My earmuffs were nearly blown off, gripping on for dear life out on the top deck with our long, gangly Helene nearly blow away as we kept our eyes peeled for any blows and potential spottings of either a Minke, Right, Humpback or Fin whales.  Mother, an already well-experience whale spotter after her one trip the day prior was damn-near doing 360 spins, making holding onto the railing, looking and attempting to photograph in the insanely windy conditions quite an adventure.  We were lucky enough to see many a dolphin, a few Minkes, a Fin whale and, incredibly a Humpback mother and calf BREACH!! There is no scientific reason that explains why exactly it is that whales breach but there are many theories.  It could be an act of playfulness (although it does take a lot of energy for them to do so!), to try to shake off barnacles, mating, to let others know that there is a potential predator nearby or food...either way, Lina had told us time and time again not to get our hopes up because it was a rarity to experience but WOW WOW WOW, what luck!! What's even cooler is that it was Lina herself who alerted the naturalist and thereby captain that she thought she spotted a Humpback blow at our stern.  *Claps enthusiastically*

The Humpbacks stuck around for an extended period of time as well, swimming under and around our boat and giving us a wave or two.  What stars!! It was absolutely breath-taking to witness these immense creatures up close and out in their natural habitat.  We could keep an eye on them, their white fins appearing to be a glowing green (because of the chlorophyll-producing phytoplankton) as they swum around us.  If you haven't been out whale watching, I'd highly recommend it! I'm an ocean lover without question, the creatures of the deep fascinating me endlessly and it was an experience that just left me wanting more.

A huge round of applause for our amazing naturalist of the day, Rich, the captains and deckhands, and, of course, Lina for doing a phenomenal job.  Seeing everything that's gone into her past few months working with the New England Aquarium gave me a newfound level of respect and intrigue for this field.  It's been such a great experience for her, challenging as it has been and although marine life isn't her focal area, she's soaked up crazy amounts of knowledge and skills in such a short time with nothing short of admirable grace.  YOU ROCK MY DUDE!!! We're all so proud of you!

After docking, we attempted to dodge as much of the ongoing rain as possible and popped in to Bostonia Public House for a quick lunch, racing home to doll ourselves up for my graduation reception event that evening.  We got stuck in traffic (but of course) and wound up coming late but there were still others arriving as well so at least it wasn't painfully apparent.  I wish we could have gone a bit earlier since none of us really got to mingle to much or meet many people but we managed conversations and introductions with Assistant Dean Riccardi, a good number of my friends and two professors over a quick drink and two speeches.  Congratulations to both Zrinka and Juan Pablo on their awards! So deserved! JP held a beautiful and stirring speech and in the blink of an eye, the event was over and the crew headed to the Liberty for one of our final hoorah's together.

Hands down, my favourite part of the evening was Alvaro/Osito's arrival at which a point I bolted and tackled my favourite gentle giant.  It seemed so normal that he'd be there and it still makes no sense to any of us that he's not just nipping on over for a night out with us from his flat just around the corner from mine.  Baltimore's a lucky city but I'm hoping hardcore that Boston will be luckier soon again as his job search continues.

Big love to you all!


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