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12 June, 2019

P-Town: Cape Cod

Lady luck was on our side throughout the entirety of the day that we made the decision to head to Provincetown, Cape Cod--crossing our fingers for decent weather.  It was gorgeous, sunshine-filled weather with nothing but blue skies and good vibes.  This place is just the purest little town I've ever seen.  It' is known for being a "haven" of sorts for artists and members of the LGBTQ+ communities and it shows.  Everyone we encountered had a wonderful personality, great sense of humour & seemed to have the prettiest of souls.  There was such a positive, all-encompassing sense of community and love--a rarity it feels at times in the world's current state of affairs but a true beacon of light.

We had a lovely walk throughout the main street, picking up salt water taffies and a beautiful silver and gold bracelet I purchased as a memento of this graduation time and a lovely trip to Provincetown, wandering up towards a local high school where they were holding a yard sale.  Some of the students could be found dancing around on the connecting street with signs, directing cars and passerby alike up the hill to have a look at the items collected in the hopes of raising money for a field trip.

Given Mama's state of health (broken back, knees, shoulder, elbow and wrist...yes, she's just trying to out-do me :P) we decided against going up into the monument, taking it in during our walk instead and popping up to the local museum to gather some facts.

From there, we made our way to the coolest church I have ever seen/experienced.  The sign reading, "In this church we believe: black lives matter, women's rights are human rights, no human is illegal,  science is real, love is love, kindness is everything," over the front door truly said it all.

Lina rung the bell and we were greeted with the sad news that they were unfortunately closed due to a support group meeting.  Lina's adorable face (and our matching outfits according to the caretaker!) and disappointment must have done him in as he offered a quick, personalised tour nonetheless.  The history of the materials and the building of this church is mind-blowing.  The rug in the entrance is the same as that in Buckingham palace, wood important from all over the world...ugh, I wish I could remember all of the facts but it was so cool to hear!  We were privileged enough to be allowed into the main room itself to take in the wall frescos done by Carl Wendt.  The caretaker led up to the grand opening of the doors, which he dramatically threw open after explaining to us that it was done in the trompe-l-aeil style (a technique used to create an optical illusion of 3D objects).  Our faces were the reason he did this.  Beautiful!! One of many incredible individuals who made our short visit so meaningful and memorable so if you're ever there, stop by, say hi, and maybe leave a few bucks in the donation box (something I usually am very much against doing).

Following our lovely church tour, tummies grumbling, the famous Lobster Pot beckoned.  I'm pretty sure the pictures capturing Mother's reaction say it all!! I was nowhere near happy with my pasta dish but Lina's and my starter was scrumptious and Helene and Mama only had wonderful reviews.  Once we settled up, the manager approach us and asked if we wanted to join him upstairs for a picture.  Lina and Mama hopped and the chance but Helene and I, ever-skeptical Londoners were immediately on edge, wondering...what the hell does he want?!  The big city does things to your brain as a defence mechanism and we felt like total arse's.  Although we didn't say or act in any negative manner towards the man, we felt so beyond guilty because all he actually wanted to do was be nice, show us the lovely view, and snap a few shots of us with the gorgeous beach in he background.  Trust issues much...

We wandered around out in the sunshine some more, deciding the only thing missing at that point in time would be a nice, cold ice cream cone and our toes in the sand.  We basked in the sun on the beach, noshing away at our summery treats and taking in the scenery, astounded by how beautifully kept and trash-free the beach was.  I think this fact, confirmed after Lina returned from her beach walk to collect rubbish, speaks directly to the kinds of people residing here.

The time came to board the boat and head back to Boston after a long, beautiful day filled with positivity, purity and lobster.  Thanks for this time, Cape Cod!  You'll be seeing me ;)



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