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16 June, 2019

Making Memories: Graduation Presents (From me, to me)

Just as I did for my London grad, I splurged a little extra in celebration of my achievement.  Okay, admittedly, a lot extra...I went a overboard unexpectedly this time.

Firstly, I snatched this beautiful silver and gold bracelet whilst in Provincetown. I love the nautically-inspired ropes and the elegant mixture of the two metals never ceases to pull me in.  It also sits nicely alongside the silver chain charm bracelet Mama gifted me for my last graduation which sounds ridiculous but since my shoulder has healed up and I've been out of the sling, I rarely do not have the first on.

My second prezzie was a new professional camera (a Nikon D3500) and long lens.  Mads kept our last one since we got it off of his brother, which I agreed was fair.  I've missed having a quality camera and even more so the ability to just walk around and photograph the world around me.  Given the big event, it seemed like the perfect choice.

On that note, little iPhone 6 has been hanging on for awhile now and whilst it's gotten the job done, from a photograph perspective, I've been malcontent for ages.  I don't know if there's something wrong with the camera on it or if I've just become used to a certain quality given that everyone and their Grandmother has an iPhone X of some sort but it was time for an upgrade.

I made the mistake of not naming my previous device and it certainly shows...that screen has been cracked into oblivion time and time again.  It's weird, and I'm sure I've said this before so apologies for the likely repetition but I've found in recent years that in naming my electronics, they last longer.  I think it somehow helps me in subconsciously taking better care of them or just being more aware of them I suppose.  I'm an absolute klutz and do not have the best of luck to begin with but I hope that Freja (camera) and Eduardo (phone) do not fall victim to either of these any time soon because I am so in love with both of them!

I have spoiled myself rotten so I damn well better pass the New York Bar because these presents will be extending onwards to the next celebrate-able event for sure!

All for now!



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