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29 June, 2019

Just Us

Following lunch at The Bebop any reading our fairy cards, it was time to take Mama to the airport and see her off on her long journey home after all too short of a visit here in Boston.  It went by so quickly that it all feels like it was a dream.  Did I graduate? My mum was here? And my sister? And my aunt? Can't be...

As amazing as it was having the family around, it was also quite nice to be able to give the flat a much needed clean and to be able to have a bit of elbow room again as well! Suddenly it was just us again and so we enjoyed my few days of a cooling down period before kicking off preparations for the New York Bar Exam over good food, thrift shopping and a night out on the town of Lina's choosing.  We wound up at a very divey dive bar where it was punk rock night!! It may not be my absolute first choice of music but I will admit that the bands were very talented, nonetheless.  I love finding new places and really should get out more in the overall but also mix it up more often because Boston seems to have hidden gems scattered all over the city!

Thanks for this time you gorgeous ladies <3 I can't believe I had you here, even if it was just for a short whirlwind of a time. Love you!



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