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03 June, 2019

I Have...Family

Mama's first full day in Boston started off with brekkie at our favourite coffee shop and involved a fair amount of shopping.  We live dangerously close to Newbury Street so this much was indeed to be expected!! I needed to get my nails done for grad and whilst Lina was off on her secret surprise missions (that even as I write this a full week after grad, I still have no idea what entail) I treated Mama to a full spa pedicure session and damn, if that wasn't appreciation and relaxation to fullest, I want to see what is!! She basically passed out in her massage chair with absolute glee so I'd say that's a present I'll be keeping in my back pocket for future use!

Us three ladies reunited for an Italian dinner at our new favourite place, Papa Razzi where Mama got to indulge in one of her favourite dishes--Eggplant Parmesan--and Lina and I ate...well...almost the exact same thing as last time except I swapped out our pizza for a goat cheese, candied walnut, pear, and pickled onion salad instead.  We rolled on home after a day full of treats to plan the remainder of her stay more intensely with one very, VERY (I cannot emphasise this enough without making my mother sound absolutely insane) important event coming before all others (arguably almost graduation as well)--LOBSTER.  She wanted it poached, boiled, fried, in a sandwich, in a pasta dish...big ones, small ones--all the Lobster in the New England area was to be least for one meal that is.

I had a list of appointments to tend to the day after so instead of dragging Mama around to those, she joined Lina out on the whale watching boat instead.  We met up for a quick tour of BU so I could show Mama where I'd spent the majority of my time these past few months and to pick up my class photo.  It was so weird to have her just suddenly...there...on campus...with me...but in the best of ways!

Later on that evening, whilst I was hammering out some work on my computer, I received a phone call from the downstairs buzzer.  I looked up at Mama and Lina, confused as to who could possibly want to get in at 10:30 at night and picked up, saying "hello?" a few times to make sure it wasn't an obsencnly late parcel delivery, before giving up. "Probably just a homeless person," Lina states weirdly before making her way downstairs again for more laundry.  Up she comes a few minutes later but as she walks through the door I see a person behind her and my immediate reaction was just HOLY SH*T WHAT THE R!^%FT!O{HJ!{(T!2671CY2619BAVJLA WHO THE HELL--and then I recognised the tall, slender, tanned, light blonde figure and my auntie Helene turned our way.  I slammed the living Christ out of my toe jumping up from my desk so quickly in absolute utter shock, overwhelmed by happiness and confusion as to her presence.   Serious kudos to all three of you for managing to pull of this incredible surprise without me catching even a whiff of it! WOW!!!

This flat, mind you, was the perfect size for one...O N E...not two, although manageable, really not at all three...NEVERMIND FOUR hahahah Surprisingly we made it work sleeping-wise and getting-ready wise (four women, one bathroom, multiple do the maths!) and honestly, as close as quarters were, it was like having a huge awesome sleepover.  The four of us Fabricius Ahlgreen women tucked in for the night (or, rather, tried...adrenaline was pretty high at that point!) in preparation for a long day out at sea the day following.

I CAN'T BELIEVE I'VE GOT MY BEST THREE GIRLS HERE WITH ME!!! I HAVE FAMILY!!! It might sound silly but given how widespread we are, and how few in our "clan" we are, it's just the most fulfilling, wonderful feeling to have some of my nearest and dearest close to celebrate such a big day :)



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