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17 June, 2019

Boston University School of Law: LLM Graduation, 2019

The big day rolled around after months of tireless work but also somehow what felt like no time at all.  There were obstacles expected and ones I couldn't ever have foreseen but hey, such is life.  I am so endlessly thankful for the people I met during my short time at Boston University.  I never could have dreamed of meeting people with whom I have come to share such a special bond and incredible connection that I will hold dear for the rest of my life.  I am so honoured, proud, excited and scared out of my mind to have made it to this point with such truly amazing people by my side--new friends, old, and family alike.  I can't fully comprehend that this is it, that this was the last graduation I will have.  Maybe that's because, even though it's not on the maps currently, another is further out on the horizon, just out of sight for now...or maybe it's just full on denial that the one constant in my life--education--has too come to a close.

We were up bright and early at the crack of dawn to get ready for the ceremony as the graduates had to be there far earlier than family and friends but given I still don't have full range of motion in my shoulder quite yet, Lina had to help curl my hair for the day and instead of us risking them not being able to find the location, issues with traffic, international phones suddenly not working etc. my three wonder women came along as well.

It was Lina's turn to put on my hat--a Danish tradition reserved for high school graduation only for what I'm aware, but one that I've chosen to continue with through my two degrees.  Mama was the one to do it in London and it only made sense with all that Lina has done for me and how crazy beautiful of a ride it's been having her here to experience it all first-hand with me that the last honour was hers.  After my graduation hat was placed, Daddy's photographs and emails taped inside just as they were in London, we broke out the first round of tears and went our separate ways.

I joined my colleagues and friends in the "prep" area for what was honestly far, far too much time just to ensure that we were all checked in, properly dressed and in our places when the time came for the ceremony to start.  Our Dean held a wonderful speech, making reference to her (and my Daddy's) favourite book, "To Kill A Mockingbird", and spoke of the importance of the duties and roles of attorneys in our world--especially given the current state of affairs that brought goosebumps up and down my body and tears to my eyes.  She was followed by fellow BU graduate and Robert Khuzami, who is currently the Deputy U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York but has previously worked as a federal prosecutor as well as for the U.S. Securities and Exchange.  His speech was met with thunderous applause and a standing ovation, it's inspirational tone striking each member of the audience.

I did unfortunately feel as though the event itself could have been organised much better but I tried not to pay too much attention to it and just to soak it all in before the moment was but a memory.  I thankfully didn't trip (my main concern) as I walked up to the stage to deliver my name card to my favourite teacher, Professor Donweber, shake our programme director and the Dean's hand and collect my diploma.  As long as the ceremony felt, suddenly it was over and we were all ushered out into absolute pouring rain.  Just as I was thinking, well, what a lovely diploma...I'm glad I got to have it in good condition for all of an hour after all of the work that went into it...we were met with a crowd of faculty members holding umbrellas to help escort us over the the tent for the reception.

We thought we'd have more than enough time to get from the venue and onwards to our brunch but quickly realised that getting an Uber was to be a mission and a half, never mind the atrocious traffic with the entire area blocked off by the Police for our safety.  I'm sad that we didn't manage to go to the reception as that would have been the opportune time for everyone's loved ones to meet our newest additional loved ones but one cancelled Uber and over an hour and a half later, we made it to the Prudential but 10 min. late, dripping wet and starving.

Lina had booked us in for a celebratory brunch at the Top of the Hub, with a 360 degree view of the city we've come to call home this past year.  As beautiful as the view was, not a single other aspect of our time there was worth boasting over.  I would recommend it perhaps for a drink and to take in the sights but everything from the service to the food was really just...bad and massively overpriced.  I'll be the first person to give credit where credit is due and rave over a place that so deserves it but just so, will also express my displeasure when an establishment falls far below expectations.  Not a single dish phenomenal in an aspect, rather only just edible and some courses not even so, we found the servers to be lacking knowledge on the menu and quite pushy and rude, the cleaner even coming out with the hoover as we sipped on our coffees.  Thankfully, I was in the mental state of "just give me bubbles and eggs and I'll be happy" rather than my admittedly otherwise very critical headspace when dining so as disappointing as it was, all I wanted was some food in my belly and my ladies by my side--both of which were achieved.

Helene presented me with a beautiful silver and blue gemstone layered necklace from her and the boys and Mama gave me one of her two presents, another charm to match the one she'd gifted me in London.  This one reading, "Mama's BESTEST lawyer ever, 2019"...too, too cute.  Lina's been planning my graduation present for what feels like forever now and even as I write this damn near a full month actually following graduation, I still haven't got a clue what it is!!

Absolutely knackered, we walked home in what was now, of course, gorgeous sunshine where I opened up the remaining graduation presents.  Mama gave me a beautiful Mother of Pearl silver ring which, when I inquired as to why/half-guessed, I hilariously managed to guess correctly (hence the hysterical laughter in the photos) in "her being the Mother, and me being the Pearl", I know my Mama!! Mormor and Morfar gave me a sweet little set of Georg Jensen salt & pepper shakers and a dear friend of the family, Lise, bestowed upon me a gorgeous set of sapphire earrings and matching ring, the latter of which I wore to the ceremony, having opened it a few days prior.

I hammered out some work whilst Lina and Mama took a much needed nap and Helene went for a walk.  We stuffed ourselves to the brim with sushi for dinner as I headed off to say some more goodbyes over drinks at Earl's.  These constant waves of goodbyes are already taking their toll.  It's not even a clean cut where you all just cry and hug it out, wish each other well and then go off to your respective corners of the world but rather a long string of heartbreaking farewells, many of which we are, given how many of us are staying in Boston to sit for the bar, unsure of when will happen next.

I still don't feel that I've done this experience and day justice by way of words, still struggling to convey to the fullest extent what this milestone means to me and what my time in Boston has done for me as an individual.  A few things are for certain: I am extremely proud of myself and what I have accomplished and as scared shitless as I am for what's to come, I'm also very excited.  I cannot say enough how thankful I to have met these beautiful, beautiful people along the way and to have had Helene, Mama & Lina here to celebrate my final law school graduation with me.  Thirdly, and finally, I know that as much as this feels like the end, it's only the beginning.

Big love,


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