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09 May, 2019

The End & The Beginning

Hello all! It's been awhile but what a whirlwind these past few weeks have been.  My last class ever not-so-strangely landed on what would have/should have been Daddy's 52nd. birthday and man the emotions were in full motion from every possible angle. 

I had one of the most difficult classes thus far--Evidence--as my last one and it seemed so fitting.  This professor has been one of the best, hands down, that I've had throughout my entire academic career and he gave a very moving speech at the end that had me fighting back the tears that I'd been battling against from the moment I woke up that morning.  That continued as I, of course, ran into friend after friend who was just as emotional on our last day of classes.

I get that this marks the beginning of so much greatness to come but it also brings to a close such a momentously huge aspect of myself--academics.  I'm incredibly nervous and excited for what's to come but I miss it all already and I so wish Daddy was here to experience it all alongside us because he'd think it's just the coolest f*cking thing.

I came home to Lina cooking up one of Daddy's famous big American breakfasts which we devoured over sharing memories and fun-facts on our dearly missed Daddy whilst listening and rocking out to some of his favourite tunes.

The last push for the semester came in full gear with revision season upon us which, surely, called for some much-needed and well-deserved alcoholic breaks.  The stress of it all and the crazy swings in the weather led to both Lina and myself coming down with a gnarly bout of the spring flu (just in perfect time for exams).  I powered through with loads of love and support from Mama and Lina from day one of exams where I was woken up with hot chocolate and a good luck muffin all the way through the end which was marked with a surprise ice cream cake I proceeded to shove my face happily into as I thanked Mama over Skype before making my way to my last law school exam.

The decision to move to D.C. with Lina and try our luck at living with each other or my staying in my lovely flat in Boston and sorting out this next year was not an easy one to make but we officially made the call together that we'd go our separate ways--for now. Boston's just so damn beautiful in full bloom in Spring and with exams out of the way, my summer holiday smacked me in the face like a ton of bricks.  Most of these next months will be me slaving over the Barbri materials alongside Thay, Gustavo, Dhruti & the lot who will also be working their way towards sitting for the New York bar exam this July so the only time I really have off is now. 

I've definitely been struggling a bit recently and I guess, if Fritz is indeed right, that it's that weird coming down after having operated at such a high level at all times to this odd lull before the storm picks up again.  Thay and Jingshuang decided to head out with me to celebrate my being done, even as they had another week to go.  Some things just don't go the way we want them to sometimes and an unexpectedly shit blow came my way but my incredible crew came in guns blazing and collectively have been lifting me up with Lina leading the way and me putting in my best effort to shake it off, say f*ck it, and move onwards and upwards.  You guys are my world <3

Big love and positive vibes sent out to you all!


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